Upper Dolpo Trek 26 Days Itinerary

USD 4,500
  • Activities
    Upper Dolpo Trek
  • Max Elevation
    5350m Nangdalo la Pass
  • Trip Duration
    27 Days
  • Trip Grade
    Moderate & Adventure
  • Lodging
    Tented Camp on the Trek
  • Meals
    Full Board on Trek & BB Plan on City
  • Transportation
    Private vehicle & flight
  • Communication
    Yes [Satellite Phone]
  • Group Size
    Minimum 2
  • Best Season
    Autumn and Spring
  • Per Day Walk
    Approx. 5 - 8 Hrs
  • Accommodation
    3 Nights in kathmandu, 1 Night in Pokhara

The Upper Dolpo Trek is a comprehensive trek to the Dolpo region and its higher section. It immerses the trekkers in its pristine natural beauty, including the majestic peaks, streams, waterfalls, culturally rich villages, and many others. With these insights in the package, the trail really tests your physical strength as it is a 24-day-long hike that starts from Kathmandu to the Upper Dolpo Region.

The actual trek to Upper Dolpo starts from Juphal, which takes you through the off-beaten pathways and culturally rich places like Dunai, Chhepka, Rechi, and Ringmo. Upon arriving at Ringmo Village, the insights into the deepest lake of Nepal, Shey Phoksundo, grabs the trekkers’ attention for sure. The clean blue water of the lake soothes your physically demanding trek. At the same time, the visit to Buddhist monasteries like Shey Gompa, Kagyupa Gompa, and Crystal Monastery gives the religious and cultural backgrounds of the region.

Highlights of the Upper Dolpo Trek

  • Views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Kanjiroba, Yaja Himal, Shey Sikhar, and Sherku Dholma.
  • Reach high-altitude passes like Niwal Pass, Nangdala Pass, and Chharka La Pass.
  • Explore Shey Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in Nepal.
  • Visit Shey Gompa, Kagyupa Gompa, and Crystal Monastery.
  • Reach Jomsom and explore nearby alluring locations.
  • Cross-cultural activities.


    • Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu [1345m/4411ft] & transfer to Hotel

      Location: Kathmandu

      Kathmandu Altitude: 1345 meters [4411 feet]

      Accommodation: Hotel

      This is the first day of the Upper Dolpo Trek. We will first reach Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Upon arriving in Kathmandu, our trekking officials will escort us to our respective hotels, where we will stay overnight and rest. In addition, we can also visit Nepal Guide Treks office to learn more about Upper Dolpo Treks and get quick insights into it.

    • Day 02: Sightseeing at Kathmandu
      Location: Kathmandu

      Kathmandu Altitude: 1345 meters [4411 feet]

      Accommodation: Hotel

      Today, we will explore the Kathmandu Valley and get insights into the local culture, history, traditions, and more. Our journey begins early in the morning after breakfast as we commence for Pashupatinath Temple. It is an ancient Hindu Temple with the great significance of Lord Shiva. Every year during Maha Shivaratri, thousands of devotees from Nepal and India visit here to worship Lord Shiva.

      After visiting Pashupatinath, we will head toward Boudhanath Stupa in Boudha. It is also an ancient Buddhist Gompa featuring the temple of Hariti, the Goddess of Smallpox. Around it, we can enjoy a pleasant and vibrant environment with prayer flags, praying wheels, and Buddhist entities. We will visit Kathmandu Durbar Square, the Royal Palace of Malla, and the Shah Kings in the afternoon. It features large Royal courtyards, stone taps, ancient arts and artifacts, and belongings from the Kings and Queens of the Malla and Shah Regime. After that, we will head towards Swayambhunath, one of the oldest temples in Nepal. It is also the holiest place for Buddhist Devotees. The stupas, shrines, ashramas, and religious vibes we get are unmatchable to any experience. It sits on the hilltop from where we can view the whole Kathmandu valley.

      After completing our sightseeing activities, we will return to our hotel for an overnight stay.

      Click here for detailed information about the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO in Nepal.

    • Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj [30 min flight]

      Location: Nepalganj

      Nepalganj Altitude: 150 meters

      Accommodation: Hotel

      Our stay in Kathmandu is over; it’s time to move forward with our itinerary package. On the third day, we will fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj, Sub-Metropolitan City in Banke District. The flight time is around 30 minutes. Before reaching the destination, we will fly across the green terraced fields in the Terai belt, the green forest in the hilly area, and several towns and cities. Nepalganj is one of the hottest regions in Nepal, so wearing comfortable and temperature-friendly clothes is recommended. Tonight, we will stay at a hotel.

    • Day 04: Fly from Nepalgunj to Juphal [2475m/8118ft] [45 min flight] & Trek to Dunai [2140m/7019ft] [3 hrs Trek]

      Location: Juphal |Dunai

      Juphal Altitude: 2475 meters [8118 Feet]

      Dunai Altitude: 2140 Meters [7019 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Today, we will fly to the starting point of Upper Dolpo Trek, Juphal, at 2475 meters above sea level. We will onboard a flight from Nepalganj Airport and head towards Jhuphal. It takes around 45 minutes for a plane to reach there. We will fly across the green valleys, lush forests, towns, and cities, before reaching Juphal.

      From Juphal, our actual trek begins. To reach Dunai, we must traverse the mountainous route featuring rocky and sloppy landscapes. Nestled in forest areas, the trail gives us insights into the green vegetation and wildlife around the region. We hike uphill for around 3 hours crossing Thuli Bheri Khola. Then, we begin our hike through the thick dirt trail before reaching Dunai at 2140 meters above sea level.

    • Day 05: Trek from Dunai to Chhepka [2838m/9308ft] [6-7 hrs Trek]

      Location: Chhepka

      Chhepka Altitude: 2838 Meters [9308 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      On the fifth day, we set our destination as Chhepka at 2838 meters above sea level. We start our hike from Dunai Village and reach the river area, where we will cross a suspension bridge over Thuli Bheri Khola. After commencing a few periods of the trek, we then reach the Suligad River. There, we will cross a suspension bridge again.

      After crossing the Suligad River, the trail stretches from the north side. As we hike through the river bay, we enjoy the green vegetation of the forest, looking at the large stones that sit along the river banks. Also, the view of Kangmara Peak soothes our journey. The trail takes us to Dhera Village, rich in traditional culture. Similarly, as the trail stretches uphill and straight pathways, we will reach Hanke and Parela Village, where we can rest and have lunch. After that, we will continue our journey to Ankhe Village before reaching Sulighat.

      Upon arriving at Sulighat, we must go through some legal formalities to enter the Shey Phoksundo National Park area. We must submit copies of permits and other legal documents to continue our journey to Upper Dolpo. From Sulighat, we will catch the right path of the Suligad River and hike for the next few hours to reach Chhepka.

    • Day 06: Trek from Chhepka to Rechi [2940m/9643ft] [5-6 hrs Trek]

      Location: Rechi

      Rechi Altitude: 2940 Meters [9643 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Today, we will elevate around 100 meters altitude as we hike for 5 to 6 hours to reach Rechi from Chhepka. We leave Chhepka Village behind early in the morning after breakfast.

      We will catch a route from the west side of the Suligad River and reach landslide affected area. If traveling in monsoon season, you must take precautions while traversing this route. The landslides are prone during this time in this region.

      The trail continues from the forest areas and then to the natural streams of the Suligad River again. As we hike up through the flat trail descending to a river, we will finally reach Rechi Village at 2940 meters.

    • Day 07: Trek from Rechi to Ringmo Village [3733m/12244ft] [5-6 hrs Trek]

      Location: Ringmo Village

      Ringmo Village Altitude: 3733 Meters [12244 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Hiking from Rechi to Ringmo Village will give the first insights into Shey Phoksundo Lake. So it will be fun and thrilling on the seventh day of our Upper Dolpo Trek. That being said, the altitude will significantly increase to 3733 meters, where trekkers are more prone to suffering from Altitude Sickness. So we should ensure we are clothed well and have gone through the safety measures for this trek phase.

      While we leave Rechi Village behind and hike through the remote trail, we will reach a Buddhist Monastery featuring prayer flags, chortens, and mani walls. We will continue our journey to Phoksundo Khola from the monastery, which should take a few hours. We will catch the right trail of the Phoksundo Khola and traverse through the pine forest. The uphill trail will be physically challenging but be assured of experiencing the Himalayan Alpine Vegetation aligned with the beautiful scenery of snow-capped peaks ahead of you.

      Later, we reach Polam Village, where we can see the naturally gifted Shey Phoksundo Lake. From there, we must hike for around an hour to reach Ringmo Village.

    • Day 08: Rest and exploration at Ringmo

      We have already traveled a long way from Juphal to Ringmo. Since the trails are remote and rugged, it drains human energy and strength. And on top of that, the increase in altitude is very scary – trekkers can even suffer from altitude sickness and other health hazards. So to acclimatize to the altitude, we will take a full day’s rest at Ringmo Village.

      If you are unaware, Ringmo Village is a beautiful Buddhist village featuring ancient monasteries. You can get insights into the practice of Buddhism and its culture and history.

      Similarly, we don’t need to introduce Shey Phoksundo Lake, a pristine blue lake. It is the deepest lake in Nepal, situated at 3,589 meters above sea level. There are several tea houses around the lake where we can rest and enjoy lunch and snacks.

    • Day 09: Trek from Ringmo to Phoksundo Khola [3750/12300ft] via Phoksundo Lake [3600m/11808ft] [6-7 Hrs Trek]

      Location: Phoksundo Khola

      Phoksundo Khola Altitude: 3750 Meters [12,300 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      First, we descend to Shey Phoksundo Lake at 3589 meters above sea level. We leave Ringmo Village early in the morning and then enjoy our hike through the pristine beauty of Shey Phoksundo Lake. We will take the trail from the lake’s western side and then hike uphill. Several off-season trails stretch to the hilltop, giving nature lovers and enthusiasts perfect views.

      The uphill trail is rocky and remote, and it is physically demanding. Then the trail continues through the alpine meadows that meet at Phoksundo Khola at 3750 meters. Upon arriving at Phoksundo Khola, we stay at a tea house.

    • Day 10: Trek from Phoksundo Khola to Campsite [4717m/15471ft] [5-6 hrs Trek]

      Location: Campsite

      Campsite Altitude: 4717 Meters [15,471 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Today, we will traverse through one of the driest parts of Upper Dolpo Trek. When we reach our destination by the evening, we will already be elevating the altitude by around 1000 meters, which will be physically demanding.

      We will start our journey early morning and hike to the waterfalls near Phoksundo Khola. From there, the trail continues to the deep gorge, which stretches up to Campsite. There is no vegetation around the region, but we can see the green hills at farsight. In addition, the stunning pictures of the majestic mountain ranges dance over our eyes while we hike through the rugged gorge.

      To reach Campsite from Phoksundo Khola it takes around 5 to 6 hours, and we will stay at a tea house.

    • Day 11: Trek from Campsite to High Camp [4900m/16072ft] [4-5 hrs Trek]

      Location: High Camp

      High Camp Altitude: 4900 Meters [16,072 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House | Camp

      Today, our elevation will increase by around 200 meters. Altitude sickness is a main concern since we will be hiking over 4500 meters above sea level. Remember the waterfall we passed through to reach Campsite? We will catch a trail from the left side of the same waterfall and hike up to the river valley from there.

      We will continue our journey from the River basin to the flat basin, which should take a few hours to reach. The surrounding is almost flat, so we will head straight through the flat areas in the basin before we commence at High Camp at 4900 meters above sea level.

    • Day 12: Cross Nangdala La Pass [5350m/17548ft] & Trek to Shey Gompa [4343m/14245ft] [7-8 hrs Trek]

      Location: Shey Gompa

      Shey Gompa Altitude: 4343 Meters [14,245 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Our journey comprises uphill and downhill hikes through rugged and rocky landscapes. We will leave High Camp behind early in the morning after having breakfast. Then, we will set for a long hike of around 7 to 8 hours to reach Shey Gompa at 4343 meters.

      We will head uphill through the remote trail from High Camp for a few hours. Then, we reach Nangdala Pass at 5350 meters above sea level. It is a perfect viewpoint to have views of several peaks like Yaja Himal, Shey Sikhar, and Sherku Dholma.

      Now, the descent begins from Nangdala La Pass. We will set on a few hours of walk through the narrow trail that leads us to the broad valley. We will enjoy the scenes of the green valleys deep down and the snow-capped mountains in the north as we hike to Shey Gompa. Tonight, we will stay at a tea house.

    • Day 13: Rest and Exploration at Shey Gompa.

      Today, we will rest and acclimatize at Shey Gompa. Similarly, sightseeing and exploring Shey Gompa are our main motives on the thirteenth day of our Upper Dolpo Trek.

      Shey Gompa is an ancient monastery rich in Tibetan Buddhism practice. It is also known as Kagyupa Gompa, built in the 11th century. Similarly, we can visit another Buddhist monastery called Crystal Monastery, which also carries a great significance of Tibetan Buddhism.

    • Day 14: Trek from Shey Gompa to Namgung [4806m/15763ft] [6-7 hrs Trek] via Sela La Pass [5095m/16711ft]

      Location: Namgung

      Namgung Altitude: 4806 Meters [15,763 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      After a detailed exploration of Shey Gompa, we will leave for Namgung today. Our journey features an almost uphill trail throughout the day, so ensure you are physically fit and acclimatized. We will catch a trail stretching east into Sephu Khola Valley. From there, we will trek through a loose ground for around 3 hours before reaching Sela La Pass at 5095 meters above sea level.

      Sela La Pass is one of the high-altitude passes which gives us stunning views of snow-capped peaks, green valleys, and hills at farsight. After crossing the pass, we will descend through a shallow valley and a watercourse before we head towards Namgung Village.

    • Day 15: Trek from Namgung to Saldang [3770m/12365ft] [4-5 hrs Trek]

      Location: Saldang

      Saldang Altitude: 3770 Meters [12,365 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      This is one of the shortest treks in our Upper Dolpo Trek Package. The trek from Namgung to Saldang only takes around 4 to 5 hours. But since we will be above 3500 meters above sea level, taking precautions for altitude sickness and other safety measures is recommended.

      First, we will climb a ridge with the insights of Buddhism around the area. Later, we will descend through the steep and narrow trails leading us to Saldang. Saldang is the biggest village in the Upper Dolpo region, comprising settlements rich in Tibetan culture and lifestyle. We can stop to taste salt-butter tea and a cup of Tibetan barley beer in the local tea houses. As we hover down through the village, we will finally reach Saldang and stay overnight at a tea house.

    • Day 16: Trek from Saldang to Khomasgaon [4060m/13316ft [7-8 hrs Trek]

      Location: Khomasgaon

      Khomasgaon Altitude: 4060 Meters [13,316 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      It is another long trekking day for us. Today, we will reach Khomasgaon at 4060 meters above sea level from Saldang, the largest village in Upper Dolpo Region. From Saldang Village, we will head northeast through an off-beaten trail directly connecting to Khomasgaon.

      As we hike through the rugged trails, we will reach Nagaon Khola. After that, we will continue our journey through the white-washed villages rich in Buddhism and Tibetan villages. Long mani walls, prayer flags, and praying wheels are some of the insights of this settlement. After a short hike, we will reach Chagaon Village. From there, we will hike from the left trail, cross a river, and head towards the northeast side of the region. Then, our trek continues for a few hours before reaching Khomasgaon at 4060 meters.

    • Day 17: Trek from Khomasgaon to Mendo [3950m/12956ft] [5-6 hrs Trek]

      Location: Mendo

      Mendo Altitude: 3950 Meters [12,956 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Most areas around the trail from Khomasgaon to Mendo are rich in Buddhist culture. We will leave Khomasgaon Village early morning and head towards Mendo, crossing several Buddhist gompas, mani walls, and paints.

      The green forests down the trail and the majestic looks of the mighty Himalayas will give the perfect scenery as we descend to Mendo. We can reach Mendo Village at 3950 meters above sea level as we pass through some traditional villages. We will accommodate you at a tea house.

    • Day 18: Explore Upper Dolpo & Trek to Rapka Khola [5205m/17072ft] [7-8 hrs Trek]

      Location: Rapka Khola

      Rapka Khola Altitude: 5205 Meters [17,072 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Rapka Khola comes under one of the highest altitudes we reach during our Upper Dolpo Trek. We will continue our trek through the off-beaten trails in the northern part of Mendo Village. The trail peaks through the narrow and rocky terrain that gives the vibes of a deserted region.

      The trail continues from the ridges, passing through the ups and downs of the hill. It is physically demanding, so ensure you are in full-fledged energy. Also, from the trail, we can have views of the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas. Trek from Mendo Village to Rapka Khola takes around 7 to 8 hours. So buckle up with your physical preparation and the gear.

    • Day 19: Trek from Rapka Khola to Chharkabhot [4110m/13480ft] [6-7 hrs Trek]

      Location: Chharkabhot

      Chharkabhot Altitude: 4110 Meters [13,480 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Today, we will set our destination to Chharkabhot at 4110 meters. First, we will hike uphill through the rugged trail to reach Chharka La Pass at 4920 meters above sea level. It is another high-altitude pass we should cross to reach Chharkabhot. The cool breeze, the majestic scenery of the Himalayas, and the sunrise and sunset views are some attractive features of Chharka La Pass.

      From Chharka La Pass, we will start our descending journey. We will reach a valley after a few hours of trek, from where we can see the Chharka Village at the bank of Barbung Khola. The village offers the scenery of riverside with mixed vegetation around the circle.

    • Day 20: Trek from Chharka to Norbulung [4750m/15580ft] [6-7 hrs Trek]

      Location: Norbulung

      Norbulung Altitude: 4750 Meters [15,580 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      We are still over 4500 meters above sea level, so preparing for today’s trek is recommended. We will start our trek from the Barbung Khola. Then, we will follow the uphill trail from the south and head towards the fluctuating trails in and out of the valley.

      We will reach a large meadow in the region as we hike through the valley. We will then continue our uphill trek to the campsite of Norbulung.

    • Day 21: Trek to Sangda Phedi via Niwal Pass [5120m/16793ft] [7-8 hrs Trek]

      Location: Sangda Phedi

      Sangda Phedi Altitude: 5120 Meters [16,793 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      Today, we will cross one of the highest passes in the Upper Dolpo Region. We will continue our trek from Norbulung Village and catch a trail to the yak pasture called ‘Molom Sumna.’ From there, we must embark on a long hike through the Himalayan meadows to reach the lap of Niwal Pass at 5120m/16793ft.

      We then climb uphill through the Niwal Pass range, enjoying the Himalayas’ views and clear surroundings. Niwal Pass is also known as Sangda La Pass, which is a perfect viewpoint to have a 360-degree view of the snow-capped peaks, sunrise, and sunset.

      From Niwal Pass, we will hike through the rugged mountain trail to reach the campsite at Sangda Phedi.

    • Day 22: Trek to Sangda [3940m/12923ft] [6-7 hrs Trek]

      Location: Sangda

      Sangda Altitude: 3940 Meters [12,923 Feet]

      Accommodation: Tea House

      After reaching the foot of Niwal Pass, also known as Sangda Phedi, we will trek to Sanga on the twenty-second day. First, we will climb Sangda La at 4990 meters through the rugged trails. Then, we will descend to the village of Sangda Ghunsa via some settlements.

      First, we have to cross Chalung Khola at 3750 meters and then take a subtle climb uphill through the steep path. Then, we must descend again and reach a down-trail stream in the region. After crossing the river, the route again stretches uphill to Sangda at 3940 meters above sea level. We will stay overnight at a tea house.

    • Day 23: Trek from Sangda to Dhagarjun and drive to Jomsom

      Location: Jomsom

      Jomsom Altitude: 2,743 Meters

      Today, we will reach the ending point of the Upper Dolpo Trek. We will first descend from Sangda Village to Dhagarjun. We will start our journey early in the morning, climb uphill, and pass through nine ridges.

      After that, we will descend to Kali Gandaki Valley, which requires traversing through the challenging ridges around the area. A long trek through the rugged pathways leads us to the large village at Dhagarjun, where we can get a jeep service to drive us to Jomsom. It takes a few hours to reach Jomsom from Dhagarjun.

    • Day 24: Fly Back to Pokhara

      Today is the last day of the Upper Dolpo Trek. We will catch a flight from Jomsom to Pokhara, which takes around 25 minutes. We will fly across the green valleys, Kali Gandaki River and Gorge, green hills, and forest before we land at Pokhara Airport. Upon arriving at Pokhara, we will move to a hotel, where we will stay and rest.

    What's included?
    • Airport Arrival and transfer to Hotel
    • 3 nights ‘Day 01, 02 & 27” stay in Kathmandu & 1 Night Stay ‘Day 26’ in Pokhara with BB Plan
    • All land transportation by private vehicle
    • Fly from Kathmandu – Nepaljung – Juphal & Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara
    • All meals [B/F, Lunch & Dinner] During Trekking period
    • Tea House Lodges & Camping Accommodation during Trekking
    • Special Permit for Upper Dolpo Region, National Park fee & TIMS [Trekkers Information Management System] fee.
    • Highly experienced Trekking guide for the entire trek
    • Required Number of Porters
    • Staffs food, clothing & salary, Insurance.
    • General First aid Kids
    • All tax, vats and necessary paper works
    • Airport Drop
    What's not included?
    • Personal nature expenses
    • Bar bill and all kind of drinks
    • Rescue & Evacuation
    • Gratitude (tip) for staff

    The given rates are per person with guaranteed departure schedules. If the given dates are not appropriate for you, please feel free to contact us for requesting a new dates, we will gladly personalize the itinerary and schedule of the trip that fits for you.

    Check our assured departure schedules given below:

    Start Date End Date Price Availability Booking
    3 Sep, 2024 29 Sep, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    11 Sep, 2024 7 Oct, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    21 Sep, 2024 17 Oct, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    29 Sep, 2024 25 Oct, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    5 Oct, 2024 31 Oct, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    13 Oct, 2024 8 Nov, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    21 Oct, 2024 16 Nov, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    29 Oct, 2024 24 Nov, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    2 Nov, 2024 28 Nov, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    13 Nov, 2024 9 Dec, 2024 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    10 Mar, 2025 5 Apr, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    17 Mar, 2025 12 Apr, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    27 Mar, 2025 22 Apr, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    7 Apr, 2025 3 May, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    12 Apr, 2025 8 May, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    20 Apr, 2025 16 May, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    27 Apr, 2025 23 May, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    4 May, 2025 30 May, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!
    13 May, 2025 8 Jun, 2025 USD 4500 GUARANTEED Book Now!

    Difficulty Level of Upper Dolpo Trek | Can I Do It?

    The difficulty level of the Upper Dolpo Trek is challenging. Since it is a multi-day trek that leads to the higher altitude locations around the Dolpo region, trekking here is considered challenging. Trekkers must traverse the rugged and off-beaten trails around the Himalayan region. And on top of that, hiking through high-altitude passes like Niwal Pass, Nangdala Pass, and Chharka La Pass is more complicated than the standard trek.

    Similarly, the weather conditions around the Upper Dolpo region are dynamic. Since the region features the touch of the Himalayan climate, temperatures are relatively cooler, featuring high winds, depleted oxygen, and thin air in high-altitude locations. The trail is long and rugged, which requires a high level of physical fitness, mental and gear preparation.

    You can embark on this beautiful trek with a proper plan and preparation. Focus on taking precautions on high altitudes, work on increasing physical endurance and stamina, and pack proper gear and equipment for the trek.

    Best Time To Go For The Upper Dolpo Trek

    Spring and Autumn Seasons are the best time to go for the Upper Dolpo Trek. Unlike other seasons, Spring and Autumn have relatively favorable weather conditions that help boost trekking accessibility. Here is why they are considered the best times to go for the Upper Dolpo Trek:

    Spring Season:

    • Favorable weather condition
    • Mild Temperature
    • Clear Blue Skies
    • Colorful environment {Flower Blooms During The Spring}
    • Low Rain and Wind Precipitation
    • No Snowfall
    • Less Chance of Natural Hazards like Landslides

    Autumn Season

    • Moderate Temperature
    • Festive Environment
    • Low Potential of Rainfall and Snowfall
    • Less Chance of Natural calamities
    • Clear Environment for Sightseeing

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    His success also lies in his brilliant mind and hospitable nature. He is fully dedicated to providing excellent services and introducing innovative concepts. With more than 15 years of experience in trekking and expedition operations in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan, he has earned a reputation as a renowned leader in the field. He understands the importance of personalized service for creating memorable experiences for his clients and constantly seeks innovative company operation methods.

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    Upper Dolpo Great Himalayan Trail
    Nepalese Children
    Chharka Village | Dolpo Trek
    Phoksundo Khola - Lunch spot
    Tarap Valley located at Southern Dolpo
    Shey Phoksundo Lake | Dolpo Trek

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