Manaslu Short Trek

USD 1,055
  • Activities
  • Max Elevation
    5,106 meters
  • Trip Duration
    10 Days
  • Trip Grade
  • Lodging
    Tea House/Lodges
  • Meals
    BLD During Trek
  • Transportation
    Private /Public Vehicle
  • Communication
  • Group Size
    1-7 PAX
  • Best Season
    Autumn and Spring
  • Per Day Walk
    5-6 hours

Things You Can Experience During The Manaslu Short Trek

  • Observing the majestic Himalayan mountains
  • Trekking in the foothills of Mt Manaslu
  • Wandering through the Manaslu, Kang Guru, Annapurna II, Gyaji Kang, Himlung Himal, etc
  • Exploring the diverse wildlife, including Agali Blue Sheep, Himalayan Tahr, Snow Leopards, etc
  • Exploring the cultural lifestyle and the heritage of the region
  • Exploring the monasteries and gompas and the Buddhist heritages
  • The traversing through the Larkya La Pass (5,213 m)
  • Staying at the tea houses of the local people

Introduction to 10 Days Manaslu Short Trek

If you are a trekking enthusiast, you will love trekking in the off the beaten landscapes of Manaslu region. This Manaslu Short Trek is a spectacular journey leading all the way to the foot of soaring Mt. Manaslu (8163 m). You will love the naturally blessed wonderland that is the Manaslu region.

The Manaslu region is a popular trekking dreamland for all trekkers. You will love the trekking landscapes filled with towering Himalayan beauty. You will breathe in the crisp mountain air and walk past the numerous landscapes. The 10-day Manaslu Short Trek is magical in all forms.

There you will walk uphill through forest areas and dry landscapes finally stopping at Manaslu Base Camp. The added benefits of trekking in such rooted trails is the local heritage exploration. Moreover, the fantastic unique culture of the region is second to none. Ethnic communities of Gurung, and Tamang, people are marvelous to explore to say the least. You will get the help of a guide to learn about rural life and taste their cuisine.

The Lakya La Pass, the highest altitude of the trek, is 5,106 meters. Trekkers must remain physically and mentally at their best level to complete this trek section. However, you must acclimatize in the region to quickly complete the tour. The is a challenging adventure requiring high-level fitness and some high-altitude hiking experience.

However, exploring remote and unspoiled areas, cultural exploration of the communities, and witnessing the majesty of the Himalayas is quite rewarding. For those trekkers looking for an outstanding off-the-beaten track, the Manaslu Short Trek awaits you. This fantastic trekking journey is less crowded and provides an authentic rural experience. For all these factors, this trek is an unforgettable adventure for all travelers.

Read more about the Manaslu Short Trek and its related information. Book your trip now! Happy Travelling!

Outline Itinerary of Manaslu Short Trek :

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Lapubeshi (4*4 Jeep). Trek to Machhi Khola

Day 2: Trek from Machha Khola to Philim

Day 3: Trek from Philim to Namrung

Day 4: Trek from Namrung to Samagaun via Lho

Day 5: Acclimatization at Manaslu Base Camp, Trek Back to Samagaon

Day 6: Trek from Samagaun to Samdo

Day 7: Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala

Day 8: Trek from Dharamshala to Larkya La Pass and then Trek to Bhimtang

Day 9: Trek from Bhimtang to Dharapani

Day 10: Drive from Dharapani to Besisahar and then to Kathmandu

  • Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Lapubeshi (4*4 Jeep). Trek to Machhi Khola

    Machhi Khola altitude: 710m/ 2328 ft

    Drive duration: 7-9 hrs

    Trek duration: 3-4 hrs

    Overnight: Machi Khola

    On our first journey, of the Manaslu Short Trek, you will observe the fantastic views while driving on the highest settlements of Lapubeshi. The drive on a 4*4 jeep is simply spectacular as it passes through the outstanding terrains. After you reach Lapu Besi, you will rest for a bit and then start trekking after getting refreshed to Machikhola.

    The 3-4 hours journey in the high altitude first takes you through the Gurung community of the world. The trail will then move across the Budhi Gandaki river, crossing through the bridges. You will stay and have your meal in the Machi Khola teahouse.

  • Day 2: Trek from Machha Khola to Philim

    Philim altitude: 1570m/5150 ft

    Trek duration: 7-8 hrs

    Overnight: Philim

    We wake up at the teahouse with a beautiful sunrise before starting the trek. After that incredible moment, we will continue trekking to the Philim village settlement. We will gradually ascend the trail passing through the forests.

    At this starting point of the trek, you will climb the steep stairway of the region. You will then hike alongside the Budhi Gandaki river’s west bank. The trail converges to the Philim settlement where you can find a teahouse to stay.

  • Day 3: Trek from Philim to Namrung

    Namrung altitude: 2660m/ 8730ft

    Trek duration: 8-9 hrs

    Overnight: Namrung

    The trail will pass through Namrung on this section of the trek. You will tread through the forest areas and pass through the bridges. The magnificent path then progressively ascends before you cross Taro Kola, and continue along the route.

    The route of this spectacular Manaslu Short Trek will pass through the Deng village settlement. Finally, you will hike to the village of Ghap where you can find many remnants of the culture and heritage belonging to Buddhism. You will get to find peace in the beautiful terrains observing the stone statues of Lord Buddha. Finally, you will trek through the bamboo region to arrive at Namrung, a small village with stone houses where you will stay.

  • Day 4: Trek from Namrung to Samagaun via Lho

    Samagaun altitude: 3525m/11565ft

    Trek duration: 7-8 hrs

    Overnight: Samagaon

    The Manaslu Short Trek of the region will first take you to Lho from Namrung. You will start your trek to the area after ascending to the beautiful destination. The trail will take you to the Tibetan settlements of the local people on your way to Lho. Lho is a lovely destination with immense cultural heritage and many monasteries.

    There you can rest and further explore the beautiful village. This place will provide you with the fantastic Himalayan landscapes. You will have relatively narrow routes to lead you to the village of Samagaon. There you can rest in the Samagaon teahouse as you complete the trek.

  • Day 5: Acclimatization at Manaslu Base Camp, Trek Back to Samagaon

    Manaslu Base Camp altitude: 4800m/13565ft

    Trek duration: 7-8 hrs

    Overnight: Samagaon

    This special acclimatization is another important day for the trek in the Manaslu region. You will gently climb to the base camp and then explore around the area for some time. The trail will then take you through stony rocky terrain. After trekking for some time, you will arrive at the destination.

    After arriving at the Manaslu base camp, you will explore the area and get the best views of the entire region. There are stony ridges to cross during this trek. The other benefit of this section is the viewpoints of Mount Manaslu (8163 m). Moreover, you can also get the mystical view of Ngadi Chuli (7871 m).

    Then you can explore the beautiful monasteries of the region. After incredible exploration, you will then trek back along the route to Pung Gyen Gomba. You will also observe the fantastical Birendra lake and its surrounding landscapes. After returning to Samagaon, you can make sure you have a warm night’s rest.

  • Day 6: Trek from Samagaun to Samdo

    Samdo altitude: 3700m/12139ft

    Trek duration: 4-5 hrs

    Overnight: Samdo

    On this trail of Samagaon, that will lead through numerous terrains before reaching Samdo. After a steep descent, you will encounter challenging terrain along the trail. We will cross the Budhi Gandaki river. The hike to the region is stunning and comes with the best of views.

    The course will plunge deep and pass through the forest areas before you arrive at the Dharamsala. We will then cross the beautiful Budhi Gandaki river. The climb will then slowly and gradually lead to Samdo and call it a rest.

  • Day 7: Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala

    Dharamsala altitude: 4460m/14629ft

    Trek duration: 4-5 hrs

    Overnight: Dharamsala

    The Dharamsala section of the trek takes 4-5 hours, as you will pass through the gradual stony terrain. You will love the serene trekking routes that take you above 3500m.

    The trail will pass through the famed settlement of Larkya Bazaar. The bazaar was a great commercial point for numerous years in the past. The trekkers pass through the Budhi Gandaki river while observing the mystical Larkye Glacier in the region. You will cross the Salla Khola to reach Dharamsala which is the end of this section.

  • Day 08: Trek from Dharamshala to Larkya La Pass and then Trek to Bhimtang

    Larkya la pass: 5106m/16930ft

    Trek duration: 8-9 hrs

    Overnight: Bhimtang

    On this trekking day, you will pass through the numerous incredible terrains to arrive at the destination of Larkya La pass (5160m). From Dharamsala, you will pass through the hilly landscapes to the Larkya La pass.

    In the high-altitude pass, you can observe the dazzling mountain vista. The trail then ascends along the path to Larkya Glacier’s Northern part. You will pass through the steep climbs, then lead you to Larkya La Pass at 5160m. From the pass, you can observe Mt. Manaslu (8,163m), Ngadi Chuli (7,871m), Samdo (6,335m), and above 6500m + mountains.

  • Day 9: Trek from Bhimtang to Dharapani

    Dharapani altitude: 1920m/6300ft

    Trek duration: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight: Dharapani

    The trail from Bimtanfg to Dharapani will finally lead you through the serene terrains. You will trek for around 6-8 hours to arrive at the destination passing through the hilly terrains.

    The trail will then lead you through the numerous landscapes where you can observe the awe-inspiring Himalayan vista of the region. You will love trekking in scenic terrains with the incredible panorama of the Himalayas. We will then call it a rest overnight at the local accommodation.

  • Day 10: Drive from Dharapani to Kathmandu via Besisahar

    Dharapani altitude: 1920m/6300ft

    Drive duration: 7-9 hrs

    On this section from Dharapani to Besisahar, you will first take a 4*4 jeep drive. After arriving at Besisahar, you will take a private vehicle back to Kathmandu. You will eventually arrive at Kathmandu, after driving for around 6-7 hours where we stop our Manaslu Short Trek.

What's included?
  • Private Vehicle transportation, as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Kathmandu stay with BB Plan (2 Nights)
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing tour with a heritage guide
  • Entry fees at the sightseeing points
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Accommodation (Tea House/Lodges)
  • Trek Permits, including Special Restricted Area Permit for the Manaslu region
  • Manaslu Conservation Area permits
  • Annapurna Conservation Area permits
  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • Professional Trekking Guide
  • Porters for the trek
  • Staff food, salary & Insurance.
  • First aid Kids
  • All tax, vats, and other paperwork
What's not included?
  • Items not mentioned above
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tipping costs

The given rates are per person with guaranteed departure schedules. If the given dates are not appropriate for you, please feel free to contact us for requesting a new dates, we will gladly personalize the itinerary and schedule of the trip that fits for you.

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27 Apr, 2025 15 May, 2025 USD 1055 GUARANTEED Book Now!

When to Go for Manaslu Short Trek?

The Spring season, from March to May, and the Autumn season, from September to November, is considered the best time for the Manaslu Trek in Nepal.

Spring season is sunny, dry, and stable in the Manaslu region. Since the skies remain clear, trekkers will observe the surrounding mountains and the beautiful countryside. In Spring, there are milder temperatures, and trekking is quite comfortable.

During the months of Spring, Rhododendron blooms, which is a spectacular sight for hikers. There is exotic wildlife, such as Himalayan tahr and blue sheep, and sometimes if you are lucky, you can also observe the snow leopard.

During Autumn, you will observe the majestic snow-clad mountains with high snow levels. There are trails clear of snow and ice, making it easier to navigate among the trekkers. The temperatures at the high altitude can be warm during the day and significantly more incredible at night in the Autumn season.

Festivities of the local people make the trail vibrant and enjoyable as well. Overall, pleasant weather and incredible natural scenery make the Autumn season worthwhile for the Manaslu Trek.

In the off-season, regular trek difficulty gets enhanced due to the weather and climate. Temperatures drop, and the weather gets unpredictable in the winter, with occasional snowfall. The trails get wet in the summer, leading to further challenges. Hence, trekkers must choose the peak season for the trek as far as possible.

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How Difficult is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The Manaslu Trek is a gorgeous trekking journey. But there are some challenges for trekkers that need tackling. Some of the significant challenges that you need to face are as follows:

High altitude

The Manaslu Trek reaches an altitude of above 5000m, so those who aren’t acclimatized get prone to altitude sickness. Hence, trekkers must regularly acclimate in the region in various settlements after multiple days. After each trek, you should explore the area and sleep at a lower settlement.

Remote location

The Manaslu trek passes through remote locations, making the infrastructure less developed. This means fewer medical, accommodation, and food options and facilities exist. There are various challenges related to this factor regarding the Manaslu Short Trek.

Harsh Terrain

There are steep ascents and descents, as with any other hilly region treks in Nepal. You will also pass through narrow trails with rocky and gravel-filled sections. Trekkers must remain at their best physically and be prepared for lengthy and strenuous hikes. The journey in the harsh terrain is especially hard for first-time trekkers and amateurs.

Extreme, unpredictable weather

The extremeness of the weather is quite challenging in this Manaslu Short Trek. You will find the trail to be challenging in the high-altitude. There you will find rapid changes in temperature dropping as you go high. Trekkers need to back themselves with necessary protection for all encompassing weather.

Trekking Route – Manaslu Short Trek

This Manaslu Trek is not only quite scenic but extremely adventurous too. While you pass through the outstanding terrain, you will also experience the cultural vista. First you drive from Kathmandu to Lapu Beshi, on a 4*4 jeep. The trail is quite scenic and fantastic compared to other routes in the region. The journey of your walk starts as you trek to Machhikhola.

From Machhakhola to Philim, you will trek thoroughly on a lush trail covered in green forests. Philim is a settlement from where trekking continues leading to Namrung. The trail then leads you to the Lho village where you can observe the beautiful heritage sites and Buddhist monasteries.

The Samagaun is the last point in the trek settlement before the famous base camp. You will then descend by trekking through fantastic trails to reach the Pung Gyen Gomba. There is also Birendra lake along the way of this Manasalu short trek.

As you reach Samagaun, you will trek back along the same trail to Samdo. Now the trail will then further lead to Dharamsala from Samdo. The Larkya la pass is another landmark that will pass along the trail.

From Bhimtang to Dharapani, you will trek around the area. You will finally drive to Kathmandu, passing through Besisahar. This concludes the Manaslu Short Trek in the region.

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Manaslu Short Trek has many teahouses and lodges where you can stop to stay and have your meal. In these teahouses, you will get meals like a Nepalese dish of Dal Bhat, which is a curry dish with rice and lentil soup. You will also get the pasta, noodles, thukpa, and other cuisine.

Breakfast at the tea houses includes bread, tea or coffee, porridge, boiled eggs, etc. For Lunch, you can stop en route and have it at the tea houses that fall along the way. Dinner is significant, and usually, Dal Bhat includes a healthy amount of side dishes.

One thing that you should consider is drinking hot beverages at high altitudes. At the tea houses, you can get tea, coffee, garlic soup, hot chocolate, etc. Hydrate regularly while trekking to tackle altitude sickness along the trail. Water treated with purification tablets or boiled water is recommended. Besides, it is recommended to bring your snacks as the food options get depleted as you gradually cross above 3000m.


Accommodation facilities on the Manaslu Short Trek are in the teahouses or guesthouses. In these facilities, you will find simple facilities that are necessary and not any fancy facilities. You will also get to stay in a comfortable manner.

Rooms are small and cozy in these teahouses. Basic facilities like beds, blankets, pillows, etc., get reduced as you reach a higher altitude. While there are toilets, they are generally out of the teahouse and required to bring your own toiletries.

The heating is generally on your own which you can get through the sleeping bags and warm clothes. Some accommodations also offer hot water, mobile charging facilities etc but not much as you reach towering altitude.

Why Should you Trek in the Manaslu Region?

Awe-inspiring views:

The Manaslu region is a beautiful trail with breathtaking views. You will find the trek to be incredible in terms of its vista. There are the silver mountains of Manaslu and Annapurna and other mystical vista during this trek. There are serene lush forests and idyllic settlements that you will pass along the trail.

A unique cultural experience:

The trails offer uniqueness in terms of its experiences. The joy that you will get during this trek is unparalleled as you pass through some of the traditional settlements. Not only will you get the cultural activities you will also learn about the ancient heritage. Manaslu trek offers an exploration of the unique cultural richness of the remote trails.

No crowded trails:

Since, this trek is generally based on the off-the-beaten landscapes, you will get the best adventure in quietness. This trek will prove to be quite a spiritual experience for trekkers of all skill levels. While the walk is brutal, a good fitness level will ensure a good time and comfortable walk.

Natural exploration:

The Manaslu Short Trek offers fantastic exploration all around the trails. While the trek is rough, it is also filled with the immense wildlife. These wildlife species are of rare species, and having this as a side benefit makes the trek astonishingly beautiful.

Training Regime for the Manaslu Short Trek

The Manaslu Trek is brutal in terms of the physicality required. Hence, nothing can offer you good fitness besides a good training regime. These measures are ideal as they offer you a good physical condition and mentally stability. Some succinct exercise routine to follow are as follows:

Strength-building exercises:

The Manaslu Short Trek requires muscle power in a great strength which subsequently requires good strength building exercises. These come through exercises like squats, lunges, and planks. You can also go through the weight training exercises with the help of your trainer.

Since there are steep ascents and descents during the trek, you must go through mountain training exercises. Before the tour, you can find a hill nearby and practice hikes in the region.

Cardiovascular training:

Good cardiovascular training is essential for the Manaslu Trek. The activities like jogging, swimming, biking, etc., will help you with these exercises. These exercises will also help you breathe at a high altitude with fewer oxygen levels.

Altitude training:

The Manaslu region treks will also need altitude training. You will get help through tackling altitude sickness. Hiking at a higher altitude will put you under extreme pressure. Hence, you should train at a high altitude before the trek as a part of your preparation.

Mental preparation:

Mentally, it would help if you also prepared for the Manaslu Short Trek. You will pass through some incredible terrains; a good mental state will help you quickly complete the trek. A positive outlook on the journey will always help you immensely along the trail.

What is the Manaslu Short Trek?

The Manaslu Trek is famous for the incredible landscapes of the Manaslu region of Nepal. This 10-day trek will cover a total distance of approximately 60-70 km.

What is the Manaslu Short Trek’s difficulty?
When are the best seasons for the trek?
Is trekking safe in the Manaslu region?
Do I need to get a permit for the trek?
What are meals like in the Manaslu Short Trek?
What are accommodations like in the Manaslu Short Trek?

Prakash Devkota

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His success also lies in his brilliant mind and hospitable nature. He is fully dedicated to providing excellent services and introducing innovative concepts. With more than 15 years of experience in trekking and expedition operations in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan, he has earned a reputation as a renowned leader in the field. He understands the importance of personalized service for creating memorable experiences for his clients and constantly seeks innovative company operation methods.

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