Manaslu Circuit Trek

USD 1,155
  • Activities
    Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Max Elevation
    5135m Larkya La Pass
  • Trip Duration
    16 Days
  • Trip Grade
    Moderate to Adventurous
  • Lodging
    Eco Lodging
  • Meals
    Full Board on Trek & BB Plan on City
  • Transportation
    Private Vehicle
  • Communication
  • Group Size
    Min 02
  • Best Season
    Autumn and Spring
  • Per Day Walk
    Approx. 5 - 7 hours

Things You Can Experience During the Trip

  • Majestic views of the snow-clad mountains of the region, including Manaslu, Annapurna II, Kang Guru, Himlung Himal, Gyaji Kang, etc
  • Exploring the incredible vegetation and wild animals of the Manaslu region.
  • Experiencing the cultural landscapes, traditions, and lifestyle of the local people
  • Exploring religious heritages like monasteries, gompas, chortens, prayer walls, stone inscriptions, etc.
  • Stunning Himalayan sunrise and sunsets from various viewpoints
  • Traveling through the spectacular Larkya La Pass (5,213 m)
  • Spotting Himalayan Tahr, Agali Blue Sheep, Snow Leopards, Pika, etc
  • Incredible hospitality of Nepalese people in the teahouses

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a scenic remote trekking adventure in the Himalayan foothills. This incredible trek package from “Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition” takes you through the diverse natural terrains. The trek is ideal for those who love an outstanding adventure in the Himalayan landscapes.

The Manaslu Region is located in western Nepal’s Gorkha District of the Manang-Gandaki Province. The trekking trails of this stunning adventure pass through the pristine Manaslu Conservation Area. The serene landscapes of the region include the high Himalayas, green hills, mountain passes, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, etc.

Gurung, Magar, and Tamang are the major ethnic groups in the Manaslu Region. Moreover, the major religion is Buddhism, followed by Buddhism. The region has numerous Buddhist landmarks, including monasteries, temples, gompas, etc. The great cultural landmarks in the area are pretty enchanting for travelers.

The trek itinerary of this Manaslu Circuit trek starts with your arrival in Kathmandu. You will proceed to your hotel in Kathmandu from the airport. You can rest and explore the city’s many heritage sites the next day. The trail leads you to the scenic drive on the beautiful highway to arrive at Sotikhola.

Your trekking journey starts from Sotikhola to Machakhola. The trail gradually leads you to the village settlements of Jagat and Deng to finally arrive at Namrung. Namrung is a beautiful settlement to rest and explore around. You will trek to Shya and Samagaon in the next few days after acclimatization.

Finally, we arrive at Samagaon, where we will rest overnight. In Samagaon, we will acclimatize to tackle altitude sickness, which is quite common. We will trek through the challenging terrains to arrive at Samdo the next day. We will acclimatize further in the settlement of Samdo.

From the Samdo settlement, you will continue your trek to Larkya Phedi. There you will rest before climbing Larkya La Pass to arrive at Bimthang. This incredible adventure crossing the majestic mountains pass is the trek’s highlight. The trail then leads you to Dharapani, where you can observe the silver mountains.

From Dharapani, you will continue your trek to Syange, where our trek ends. We will then take a drive to Kathmandu from Syange. You can explore the city’s beautiful cultural heritages in the durbar squares. After exploring the incredible heritages, you can depart from Kathmandu to your desired destination.

We at Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition provide this outstanding Manaslu Circuit Trek at a reasonable cost. Read on for a complete description of this trekking adventure, and book the trip in advance. Happy Travels!

Outline Itinerary – Manaslu Circuit Trek

Day 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2 – Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Day 3 – Drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola

Day 4 – Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat

Day 5 – Trek from Jagat to Deng

Day 6 – Trek from Deng to Namrung

Day 7 – Trek from Namrung to Shya

Day 8 – Trek from Shya to Samagaon

Day 9 – Acclimatization Day at Samagaon

Day 10 – Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

Day 11 – Trek from Samdo to Larkya Phedi

Day 12 – Trek from Larkya Phedi to Bimthang via Larkya La Pass

Day 13 – Bimthang to Dharapani

Day 14 – Drive back to Kathmandu from Dharapani

Day 15 – Free Day at Kathmandu

Day 16 – Transfer to Tribhuwan International Airport and Fly Back to Home

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

    Kathmandu Altitude: 1400m

    Overnight: Kathmandu

    On your arrival in the beautiful city of Kathmandu, our staff will pick you up from the airport. You will then get transferred to your hotel in the city. You can stay and rest at the hotel and explore the city in the evening. You will also get briefed about the tour in detail. You can also visit our office for more information about the trip. You can prepare for the trek and then rest at the hotel in the evening.

  • Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu

    On this day of the tour, you will then travel to the beautiful landmarks of the old city of Kathmandu. You will pass through the cultural settlements of the region. The great heritage sites and landmarks of the Kathmandu valley are pretty significant.

    Travelers will visit the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and the Buddhist heritage of Boudhanath. These religious landmarks of the region are hundreds of years old and provide an excellent opportunity for exploration. You will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the city, including the Durbar Squares.

    In Pashupatinath, you can find many devotees traveling from all around the world. There are numerous small temples in the Pashupatinath area. You can explore the temple premises and also visit the holy river Bagmati. Boudhanath stupa is a large white stupa and is also a symbol of peace. You can find many chortens, prayer wheels, flags, and others around the stupa. There are many cafes, restaurants, Thanka galleries, etc., around the stupa.

    You will then arrive at Basantapur Durbar Square, where you can explore the beautiful heritage sites. There are numerous temples in the area, including Takelu temple, Kumari Ghar, etc. these courtyards and alleyways of the durbar squares hold great significance both culturally and historically. You can also visit the tourist area of Thamel near the area. After the city tour, you will drive back to your hotel and prepare for the trek.

  • Day 03: Kathmandu to Machha Khola

    Soti Khola Altitude: 710m / 2,330 ft

    Driving hours: 7-8 hrs

    Overnight in hotel of Soti Khola

    This trek’s trek itinerary then takes you from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. The trail moves ahead of the village settlement of Dhading. The scenic drive will pass through the beautiful settlements of the region, and other natural diversities, including green hills, water streams, lakes, rivers, and others.

    The course then takes you through scenic forest areas, including paddy fields. Natural diversity regions include ridges, cliffs, waterfalls, rivers, and streams.

    We will cross a forested area after passing through a bridge in the region above the Budhi Gandaki River. The trail passes through the settlement of Khursani, passing through waterfalls. You will then pass through the paddy field to arrive at Labubesi, a settlement of the Gurung people. From there, you will climb a ridge to arrive at Machha Khola. After arriving at the settlement of the Macha Khola, you will stay overnight at a teahouse.

  • Day 04: Trek to Jagat

    Jagat Altitude: 1410m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at hotel of Jagat

    At this section of the trail, you will continue your journey through the settlements to arrive at Jagat. The gorgeous trail passes through the forested area and several suspension bridges. The trail then gently climbs uphill in the region and crosses the small river of Tharo Khola. We will then climb the cliff in the area to arrive at Tatopani.

    You will continue your journey alongside the Budhi Gandaki River from this trail point. Then you will climb up the staircase passing above the ridge to Dobhan. This suspension bridge takes you above the beautiful Yaru Khola to arrive at Tharo Bharyang. We will trail along the west bank of Budhi Gandaki and continue along the river before you climb up to Jagat. After this settlement, where you will rest.

  • Day 05: Trek from Jagat to Deng

    Deng Altitude: 1804m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at lodge of Deng

    On this journey, you will trek from Jagat village settlement. The trail traverses various challenging landscapes, including forests, rivers, and hills. You will climb the village settlement of Salleri before tracking downhill to arrive at Sardinas. We will continue our track until we arrive at the Ghatta Khola across the river on a long suspension bridge at Philim. There is a steep gorge that you will need to cross to reach the village of Deng, also known as Kung.

  • Day 06: Trek from Deng to Namrung

    Namrung Altitude: 2630m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight hotel of Namrung

    This trail section takes you from the settlement of Deng to Namrung. You will trek the beautiful trains to arrive at the settlement of Ghap. This small settlement has many stone houses with Mani walls with stone carvings of Lord Buddha.

    The bamboo forests along the trail are tranquil, which you will pass through to arrive at the village settlement. In Namrung, you can find several stone houses and police check posts. There you will spend the night at a local tea house.

  • Day 07: Trek from Namrung to Shya

    Shya Altitude: 3350m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at teahouse of Shya

    You will continue your journey to Shya from Namrung on this day of Manaslu Circuit Trek. The trail leads you to the various settlements of Tibetan immigrants in the Nubra region.

    We will pass through the settlements of Barcham, Li, and Sho, to finally arrive at the destination of Shya. From this viewpoint, you can observe the sweeping views of the entire region, including Himal Chuli and Manaslu. In the teahouse of Shya, you will spend the night.

  • Day 08: Trek from Shya to Samagaon

    Samagaon Altitude: 3530m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at teahouse of Samagaon

    The trek section from Shya to Samagaon will take you through the various challenging landscapes. You will pass through the beautiful train to arrive at your destination on this day. This section of the track is relatively smaller than other tracks in the region.

    We will follow the trail that crosses the cliff alongside the region and exit the canyon. The trail climbs on rocky terrain to arrive at a pasture land. In summer, you can observe the large fields with many settlements. There you will stay overnight in a local tea house.

  • Day 9: Acclimatization Day at Samagaon

    We will acclimatize for a day in the settlement of Sama Gaon. The area is ideal for exploration. You can traverse through the lovely terrains and experience the cultural lifestyle of the local people. You can find many monasteries and other landmarks along the trail.

    There are also local settlements where you can interact with the locals with the help of a professional guide. You will then rest after arriving at the tea house and prepare for the trek the next day.

  • Day 10: Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

    Samdo Altitude: 3860m

    Walking hours: 4-5 hrs

    Overnight at teahouse of Samdo

    On this trek section, you will pass through the large forested areas of the region. You will also traverse through the village settlement of the region. These include numerous people who can observe the silver mountain vista, including Mount Manaslu.

    The trail passes near the Tibetan border, where many Tibetan Refugee settlements can get found. The Tibetan border is only a day away from this village settlement. After arriving at the destination for the day, you will stay overnight at the tea house in the region.

  • Day 11: Trek from Samdo to Larkya Phedi

    Larkya Phedi Altitude: 4460m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at teahouse of Larkya Phedi

    After breakfast, you will continue your trek to the beautiful Larkya Phedi from Samdo. You can also observe the Himalayan sunrise from Samdo. The trail then takes you through the Gyala Khola, which you will cross with the help of a suspension bridge.

    You can find various mani stones along the trail leading to Larkya Bazaar. From the viewpoint of the region, you can observe the Majestic Larkya Peak and Manaslu’s north face. After trekking for a few hours, you finally arrive at your destination, Larkya Phedi.

  • Day 12: Larkya Phedi to Bimthang via Larkya La Pass

    Bimthang Altitude:3,590 m

    Larkya La Pass Altitude: 5,160m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at lodge of Bimthang

    We will start our trek from Larkya Phedi. We will pass through the mountain pass of Larkya la on this trail. On this day, you will start our tour early, before sunrise. We will climb up and continue our journey through a rocky moraine at 4690m. We will arrive at the beauty of the Larkya La Pass, where we can observe the glorious Himalayan sunrise.

    We can also observe the snow-clad mountain vista of Annapurna II, Himlung, Minjung, and Cheo Himal. After exploring the region, we will slowly descend from the mountain pass. The trail passes through the rocky mountain range and finally arrives at Bimthang. The beautiful village settlement of the town is where you will rest overnight at a local tea house.

  • Day 13: Bimthang to Dharapani

    Dharapani Altitude: 1860m

    Walking hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight at teahosue/lodge of Dharapani

    We will continue our journey early from Bimthang, passing through the beautiful settlements. After breakfast, we will pass through the pine and rhododendron forest to arrive at the Hompuk village settlement. We will climb gradually to reach the Dudh Khola, passing through challenging terrain and landslide areas.

    Finally, after taking some time, we will arrive at the settlements of Karcher. The downhill trek will take you to the village of Tilije. There you can find a large settlement. We will finally cross the Marsyangdi River over a beautiful suspension bridge before arriving at Dharapani.

  • Day 14: Drive Back to Kathmandu

    Kathmandu Altitude: 1400m

    Drive hours: 6-7 hrs

    Overnight: Hotel/resort at Kathmandu

    On this incredible trek, you go through the beautiful terrains. You will arrive at your destination after five to six hours. We will take this drive through the beautiful hilly region. There are some bumpy roads along with the paths. But you will soon arrive at the highway that will take you alongside the Trishuli River. After arriving in Kathmandu, you can rest or explore the city.

  • Day 15: Free Day at Kathmandu

    On this day, you will continue exploring the beautiful landmarks and other heritage sites of Kathmandu. You will roam around and stroll around the city and explore the various tourist sites of the city. You can buy souvenirs and other gifts for your family and friends. In the evening, you can celebrate the completion of this incredibly challenging Manaslu Circuit Trek.

    Overnight: Hotel/resort at Kathmandu

  • Day 16: Departure

    The trek comes to an end on this day. Our staff will drop you at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, from where you can board the flight to your desired destination.

What's included?
  • Airport Arrival and departure transfer by Private Vehicle
  • 4 nights stay in Kathmandu with BB Plan
  • Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu with City Guide, Private Vehicle & all entry fees
  • All land transportation by private vehicle as per mentioned in the itinerary
  • All meals [B/F, Lunch & Dinner] During Trekking period
  • Tea House Lodges accommodation during Trekking
  • Special Permit for Manaslu region and Annapurna Conservation Area permits
  • Trekkers Information Manual System [TIMS] card
  • Highly experienced Trekking guide for the entire trek
  • Required Number of Porters
  • Staffs food, clothing salary & Insurance.
  • General First aid Kids
  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • All tax, vats and necessary paper works
What's not included?
  • Personal nature expenses
  • Bar bill and all kind of drinks
  • Rescue & Evacuation
  • Gratitude (tip) for staff

The given rates are per person with guaranteed departure schedules. If the given dates are not appropriate for you, please feel free to contact us for requesting a new dates, we will gladly personalize the itinerary and schedule of the trip that fits for you.

Check our assured departure schedules given below:

Start Date End Date Price Availability Booking
25 Aug, 2024 12 Sep, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
7 Sep, 2024 25 Sep, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
14 Sep, 2024 2 Oct, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
22 Sep, 2024 10 Oct, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
30 Sep, 2024 18 Oct, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
8 Oct, 2024 26 Oct, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
17 Oct, 2024 4 Nov, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
23 Oct, 2024 10 Nov, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
29 Oct, 2024 16 Nov, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
9 Nov, 2024 27 Nov, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
18 Nov, 2024 6 Dec, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
27 Nov, 2024 15 Dec, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
3 Dec, 2024 21 Dec, 2024 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
10 Mar, 2025 28 Mar, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
19 Mar, 2025 6 Apr, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
23 Mar, 2025 10 Apr, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
31 Mar, 2025 18 Apr, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
9 Apr, 2025 27 Apr, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
16 Apr, 2025 4 May, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
23 Apr, 2025 11 May, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!
27 Apr, 2025 15 May, 2025 USD 1155 GUARANTEED Book Now!

Best Time for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

There are peak seasons for travel in the high altitude Manaslu region. These two seasons include Spring which ranges from March to May, and Autumn, from September to November. These two seasons provide trekkers with the advantage of stable weather and the perfect climate.


The Spring season is quite incredible for travelers as it provides stable weather. There are no weather-related challenges, like heavy precipitation and snowfall during this season. Spring weather also provides travelers with a moderate temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius. In the nighttime, temperatures can drop about 5 degrees Celsius.

Another exciting aspect of this season is Spring weather which means that flowers bloom around the hills. You can traverse the beautiful trails during the Manaslu Circuit trek adventures. Another exciting aspect of experiencing wildlife remains active in the region.

You will get to spot various rare and endangered species during your travels. Travelers will observe the clear views of snowy mountains in clear blue sky during the Spring season. Hence, the Spring season is an ideal time for the trek.


Autumn is another perfect time for traveling and touring in the region. These seasons provide you with stable weather conditions that are ideal for trekking. There is clear weather with unobstructed views of the mountains along the trail. You can also observe the beautiful natural diversity of the region during the season.

The trails will take you through the challenging but incredible landscapes. There are no weather-related challenges like landslides, avalanches, heavy rainfall, or snowfall. Another exciting aspect is that many festivals fall during this season, making it ideal for cultural exploration.


The off-season treks in the winter and summer monsoons are relatively more challenging. In the winter, you will face the challenge of extreme frigid conditions and snowfall. The train remains covered in thick layers of snow. Hence, it is challenging to traverse through the remote and rugged trains.

Heavy rainfall can cause slippery trails and other challenges like landslides and avalanches during the monsoon season. You will also get slippery trails and leeches in the courses. There are overcast conditions that cover the snow-clad mountains.

Trekkers will also face delays and cancellations in the seasons, primarily due to weather-related conditions. It is pretty challenging to trail in the summer monsoon season. Therefore, you should trek in the Spring and Autumn as far as possible.

The Difficulty of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Remote and rugged terrains

Manaslu Circuit trek is quite different from the other mainstream tracks in the country. Since this trek passes through the remote landscapes, you will have to face added challenges during the trekking.

You will not find many signposts and directions on tour. There is an increased chance of you getting lost or injured along the trail.

Adventurous trails

The adventurous trails on this track pass through some of the most challenging landscapes. You will pass through uphill and downhill pathways, which can be taxing for trekkers.

You will need to be in an excellent physical and mental space to complete this trek. There are high chances of trekkers getting injured, blisters, and cramps.

Altitude sickness

This Manaslu Circuit trek in the higher altitude travels above 5000m. The walk will arrive at the highest altitude in a short span of time. If you do not acclimate properly, you will not be able to adapt to changing conditions which lead to altitude sickness.

Trekkers must properly acclimatize and drink water regularly at various intervals to tackle altitude sickness. Diamox tablets tackle altitude sickness symptoms, including nausea, headache, lack of appetite, insomnia, etc. You should avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks because they can lead to dehydration, the primary cause of altitude sickness.


Accommodation is another challenging aspect of the trek. Since you will be staying in remote areas, you do not have many facilities. You will rest during the tour in lodges run by the local people that provide basic meals and accommodation. You need to manage these basic facilities during your stay in the region.

Things to Consider for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

There are various things to consider for the trek in the high altitude remote region. Some of them are as below:


It is how the trekkers will adapt to changing high altitude conditions. In these conditions, you can explore and rest gently and gradually. You will not trek in a fast-paced manner during the process and treat the trek as a race. However, you will trek gently and rest well after arriving at the destination.

You should also sleep at a lower altitude, an altitude that is lower than the one you achieved during the trek. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks like coffee and others. Since dehydration is the primary cause of altitude sickness, you should drink water generously at 3-4 liters.

Trekking gears and types of equipment

Since this is a challenging high altitude trek, all the trackers taking this beautiful route must have tracking gear and equipment of proper quality. Trekking gear will help you during your track by providing you with a safe and comfortable journey.

This trekking gear and equipment can come off different shapes and sizes. You can also hire them in the shops around the Thamel area if you plan to use them only once.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is another essential part of this journey, as trails will take you to some of the most challenging terrains. This travel insurance will help you in an emergency and cover various injuries and accidents. Travel insurance will also help you provide the best quality coverage for loss, theft, damage to properties, and evacuation if necessary.

Guides and porters.

The importance of the guides and porters is also high as they will help you immensely along the trail. They will provide you with a safe and comfortable journey to the destination, ensuring guaranteed success. They will also help you get the best cultural and natural exploration of the region.

The region’s best views from various points with the help of a guide. You will stay in tea houses that provide basic meals and accommodation facilities. These are other logistical advantages of having a guide as they have a wide range of networks around the area.

You can interact with locals and engage yourself in exploring the cultural heritage and landscapes. You can also hire potters along the trail to help you carry your luggage along the route.

Meals and accommodations

Training well will help you build physical strength, but you need to regenerate the energy with a proper and nutritious meal. So, you should eat healthily before and during your trek. Having gluten-free meals will allow them to trail comfortably.

The three-course meal in the teahouses will provide trekkers with enough energy for the trek. You can also carry protein bars, chocolate bars, and granola bars for instant energy along the trail. Stick with your diet plan and increase your food intake in high altitude conditions.

Training Required for the Trek

The Manaslu Circuit trek requires you to be in good physical condition to complete the climb. You will need to face various challenges on this tour. Hence, you should get proper training for the track, including different physical and mental exercises. These exercises are essential to keep us healthy and fit. You will have to endure an arduous journey during the region’s high altitude remote region trek.

Physical exercises

The physical exercises will rebuild your stamina along the trail. A basic fitness level is essential to travel along the journey to the circuit. You will get the best practices to help build your strength and endurance along the trail. These exercises will also help you gain muscles in various parts of your body to assist you in demanding terrains.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises

These cardiovascular or aerobic exercises will help you with flexibility. You will get to travel to these uphill and downhill battles, which require incredible flexibility. With the help of these exercises, which include hiking, jogging, swimming, and cycling, you will get to travel without any discomfort. You will also get saved from injuries and minor cramps. Besides that, your breathing ability also increases with the help of these exercises.

Mental exercises

Mental exercises are one of the most overlooked aspects of training. You should not overlook an essential part of the trekking journey. These exercises will help you give a decent quality idea about the track. You will know more about what distance you will cover along the way.

You can get information from the veteran trekkers, the tracking agency, or the internet. There you can also take practice hikes. You need to prepare for the track with a positive attitude.

Where is the Manaslu region located?

Manaslu region remains located in the Gorkha district in the Manang-Gandaki province in western Nepal.

How is the elevation of Mount Manaslu?
What is the highest elevation in the Manaslu Circuit Trek?
How long is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?
Where does the trek start and end?
Is a solo trek in the Manaslu region possible?
How difficult is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?
Are guides and porters required for the trek?
When should you take the Manaslu Circuit trek?
Are travel insurance required for the Manaslu Circuit trek?
What are the permits required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek?
Where do you stay on the trail?
How are the facilities of the meal on the trail?
How are the drinking water facilities on the trail?

Prakash Devkota

Meet with Prakash Chandra Devkota, Managing Director and Team Leader

Mr. Devkota hails from the beautiful hilly region of Gorkha District. He started his career as a guide in 1997 and quickly became a reputed figure in the Tourism Industry because of his extensive experience. He has gathered impressive experience in all Trekking and Climbing Routes, such as Mera, Island, Lobuche, Ama Dablam etc.

His success also lies in his brilliant mind and hospitable nature. He is fully dedicated to providing excellent services and introducing innovative concepts. With more than 15 years of experience in trekking and expedition operations in Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan, he has earned a reputation as a renowned leader in the field. He understands the importance of personalized service for creating memorable experiences for his clients and constantly seeks innovative company operation methods.

Mr. Devkota has always been an avid practitioner of eco-friendly tourism and has always promoted environmental conservation throughout his career. He motivates his staff to embrace eco-friendly tourism through responsible tourism practices.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek
Manaslu Circuit Trek

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