Manaslu Trek Packing List

Manaslu Trek is one hell of an adventure in Nepal. Described as one of the best off-the-beaten trails, Manaslu or Manaslu Circuit Trek is a circular walk in the quaint abode of the eighth tallest peak, Manaslu.

Many keen trekkers, just like you, reach us asking queries about the Manaslu Trek. Off all the major queries, we get Manaslu Trek packing list queries as well. Thus, we plan to write a detailed blog you are currently reading.

Getting or feeling confused about backpacking is normal for every traveler. It can drive you insane if this is your first outing. Usually, the conditions of the land we are traveling to soon differ from ours. So we quickly need clarification about what to pack, just how you are now.

But don’t worry. If you read this blog thoroughly, your doubts will be clear. The whole Manaslu Trek packing list work will become easy.

We have mentioned all the basic packing things for the trek. Everything from the stuff for your head to your bed is below. Also, we have jotted several helpful tips for Manaslu Trek packing. You will read the tips first before the packing list.

This blog will guide preparing the right backpack for Manaslu when you finish this read. And later, you will have a novel and incredible trekking experience.

So, Let’s look through it.

    Valuable Tips for Manaslu Trek Packing List

    Pack your bag as the weather

    Manaslu Trek weather should be your primary consideration while packing. If you fill for summer and the weather turns out to be winter, you can guess the situation. Hence, know the weather and temperature of the Manaslu Region thoroughly and pack accordingly.

    Usually, the temperature in the Himalayas is cold all the time. Warm clothes and gear are must-haves. Gear like gloves, warm hats, layers, and buff should always be there. If rainfall forecasts are there, remember to carry waterproof gear. In simple words, pack according to the weather you are picking.

    You can rent gear

    Yes, you can buy or rent different trekking gear here in Kathmandu. Tents, backpacks, trekking shoes, down jackets, sleeping bags, etc., are readily available for rent.

    You can choose from good international and local brands. The rental service providers in Thamel charge you a specific daily charge for the gear. If you are not ready to buy trekking gear for Manaslu Trek, renting can save your day. Manaslu Trek is an adventurous trek that requires some gear.

    You will rent the gear, do the trek, and return the kit. Indeed, you’ll pay the rental fee.

    Some things are good to leave in the hotel.

    Often, people try to take whatever they have brought from their homes to wherever they go. It can be a wise decision but never a smart one on Manaslu Trek.

    The trek is long in the mountains. It is hard for some people to carry their bodies on the trail. Forget their bags. So off, load some things in Kathmandu only. You can keep your unnecessary stuff in your hotel.

    We always recommend that to our clients. By doing this, you lower your load in the back. Trekking becomes much easier. Also, you will need no porter if you have a light backpack. So you will save some money too.

    Don’t leave anything on the road.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek is a round trek that starts from one point and ends from another. Do not think you’ll return to the same place to carry your belongings. The places you will pass once will not come again. Therefore, do leave anything along the road for later.

    Fill your backpack precisely

    We hope you are smart while packing for a trip. Usually, people like to plug into everything they see for a trek. They fill in a way that their backpack turns into a loaded bag. If you look inside, there can be many things that are not necessary at all.

    Hence, be very specific while choosing things. Know why you are packing each of the items. If it is not necessary, place it where it was earlier.

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    Complete Packing List for Manaslu Trek

    Manaslu Trek Packing List

    Head Wear

    Manaslu Trek is a high-elevation trek. The weather in the high areas is cold throughout the year. Therefore, you must pack something warm for your head.

    Warm Hat

    Any season you do Manaslu Trek, it is cold in the high areas and mountains. So, you must pack a cozy and warm hat or woolen cap for the trip. The cap should be warm enough to warm your head in high altitudes.


    It is a multi-functional, stretchy round fabric. While trekking, you can use it to cover your head, face, or neck. It is a handy piece of cloth that you can buy.


    You will be exposed to the sun like never before on this trek. As you go higher, you will go closer to the sun. We know too much of the Sun is unsuitable for our skin and body.


    Sunglasses are something you should never miss on the treks to the mountains. The higher we go, the stronger the sun becomes. Also, snow mirrors the bright UV sun rays. Extended exposure to such intense UV rays can lead to eye problems. Hence, remember them.


    Like your eyes, the intense sun can also harm your skin. The ultraviolet rays are more prevalent in higher areas. Thanks to the ice and snow, which reflect the rays. The sun’s rays can lead to sunburn and other skin problems. Therefore, plug in a good Sun Protection Factor(SPF) sunscreen.

    Sun hat or Cap

    Now you must safeguard your scalp and face area against the gleaming sun. Otherwise, you might have hair damage and sunburn. A good suncap can protect your face and give you some shade.

    That’s why a sun hat or cap is necessary. Make sure it is breathable and light.


    We are not talking about going to a fancy beach. We are prepping for the mountains. So, we will need good body wear clothes. The list goes as follows:


    Let’s begin with the basics. Manaslu Trek is a long walk. Underwear lowers chafing and the risk of infection. It also helps in retaining moisture. So pack a couple of undergarments that are quick-drying, breathable, and moisture-wicking. If it is cotton-made, it is better.

    Sports Bra

    Sorry, not for you guys. You can buy vests in place of it only if you love wearing something inside.

    A sports bra is comfortable and made for regular movement activities. While trekking, you would not want to feel the discomfort of a regular bra. Sports bras quickly absorb moisture and dry they are for movement activities. It will keep you on the move without making you worry. Hence, pack a couple of pairs of them.


    As the name says, a baselayer is the layer of clothes you wear at first. You will need a good set of base layers in the high areas with low temperatures, especially during the dark. You can also wear them while trekking. However, make sure they are warm, quick-drying, and moisture-absorbing.

    Typically, baselayers get wet from sweat while walking. Therefore, pack base layers that can dry in minutes.

    Trekking Shirt

    You will wear a trekking shirt outside of your baselayer while on the trek. A standard shirt can work for the walk. Nevertheless, there are unique trekking shirts made for trekking outings. The trekking shirts are comfortable, stretchable, and quick-drying.

    Hence, look for several pairs of trekking shirts. Around four pairs can be enough.

    Fleece Jacket

    Fleece or wool keeps your body warm. You know it will get cold at times on Manaslu Trek. You will need something woolen for such periods to keep you mellow and cozy.

    You can pair a fleece jacket with a reasonable down jacket. No cold can ever reach your skin.

    Rain Jacket

    You need a rain jacket if traveling around the Himalayas around June, July, August, or September. The odds of light to heavy rainfall are high during these months. You will need something to keep you intact from the rain. A nice water-resistant jacket would work. Do remember, Rain Jackets are wind-proof. So you can also dodge the cold and strong winds.

    Down Jacket

    A quality down jacket must have come to your mind while considering the Manaslu Trek packing list. If that is right, you had a good guess. After wearing the inner layer and trekking shirt, you’ll need a down jacket to shield you from the cold. Therefore, plug in a lightweight, warm, and portable down jacket.

    Trekking pants and shorts

    Remember to pack trekking pants or trousers. You will not, as you know, you will need something to wear outside the lower thermal layer. Pack trousers or pants. It will not matter until they are suitable for long walks.

    Trekking pants will work in high areas where it will be cold. However, you can switch to trekking shorts on the lower sides where it is hot while walking. Trekking shorts make it so comfortable.

    Hence, pack pants and shorts for both areas.


    Now it’s time to think about your primary, the feet: hiking shoes, sandals, loafers, or what.

    Hiking Boots

    First of all, get a sturdy and comfortable pair of hiking boots. You know the trail of the Manaslu Trek is rough, rocky, and long. So your feet also would wish for the best hiking shoes for them. So pack an impeccable pair of such shoes. Make sure they offer sublime ankle support.

    Hiking Socks

    Regular socks would go okay for the trek. However, you can buy unique hiking socks. The hiking socks are for long walks that keep feet dry and smell-free. They will be a good duo with your good hiking shoes.


    On the trail, the shoes will do wonders. Do you have an option for your feet off the track? A sandal is there for you. You can also buy trekking sandals, which you can use both on and off the course. Sandals will let your feet breathe the fresh air in the mountains. Don’t they?


    Gaiters keep your boot dry even on a wet and snowy trail. It shields your boot from the possible inflow of snow or water. You must know there will be times when you will walk on snow in the higher areas. The probabilities of rainfall are also there. So, include gaiters. They are light, though.


    To carry your things, you need a backpack or more.

    Duffle Bag

    A duffle bag suits those who will befriend porters on the trek. You can pack a whole lot of things inside a duffle bag. They are spacious. They are also too comfortable to carry. You will not take it; your porter will. It is the best option for someone using a porter.

    Day backpack

    While your belongings are in your duffle bag, you can carry your reach-to things in a day backpack. You do not have to contact your porter and duffle bag for the frequently needed items. Just plug them into your day backpack. If this seems an excellent idea, buy a day rucksack.

    Trekking Backpack

    If you are trekking solo or not using a porter, a trekking backpack is the better choice. Your trekking bag can house all your belongings in one place. And you will carry it on your back as you walk. Whenever you require something, offload your backpack and get it.

    While picking a trekking bag, make sure it can carry your things. Also, the backpack is suitable for your back and shoulders.


    Sleeping Bag

    A sleeping bag is a bag wherein you will sleep. The teahouses do provide you with blankets and all. However, if you have your sleeping bag, there is no need to worry about arrangement and hygiene.

    So, buy or rent a sleeping bag if you like the above idea. A compact and portable sleeping bag gets our vote.

    Hiking Poles

    A hiking pole or stick helps you transfer your heavy weight. A hiking pole can make your ascends and descends slightly easier.

    A hiking pole is not mandatory. You can use a wooden stick, which you will find on the trail. However, a hiking pole would suit you more if you are a professional walker. Go for sturdy, foldable, and light trekking poles.


    If you cannot catch up with the time, you have to trek in the dark hours. Only owls have better visibility in darkness, not us. So we will need light. A headlamp is the best option. Unlike torchlight, you will need no hand to carry it. You will get the morning where you head.


    Microspikes are not mandatory if your shoes have a better spike or grip. The tips make it easy to walk on snow and ice. You can hold on to the snowy ground if you have mild spikes. If you need them, consider packing them—otherwise, no big deal.

    Water bottle

    How can you forget a water bottle? You have to drink water regularly on the trek to be hydrated. If you have your water bottle, you can refill it and carry it in your side pockets.



    No-brainer, you need a passport to visit Nepal unless you are from India. A valid passport with a valid visa will answer any legal objections. Therefore, do not leave it at home or any place on the trek. You have to face unrequired hassles.

    Travel Insurance

    Trekking permits in Nepal require travel insurance. You must have one to get permits. Nepal made it compulsory for travelers’ safety. The insurance will keep you insured against all emergency costs and events.

    Do not leave the insurance document at home; you will need one for this trek. Pack it in your document pocket.

    Passport Sized Photos

    You will require passport-sized photos a couple of times in Nepal. While obtaining permits, visas, and other permits, you have to attach physical passport-sized photos.

    So if you have some, pack them as well.


    Camera equipment

    Are you a camera bug? If yes, you will surely pack everything. It reminds you of the backpack camera, extra batteries, etc.


    If you are an avid reader, pack one excellent book for the trip. You can read it while having free time. Our favorite is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

    Medical Kit

    If you are traveling with a good trekking agency, they have medical kits and supplements. Otherwise, you must pack for yourself. A first aid kit, water purification tablets, diamox tablets(altitude sickness), antibiotics, and antidiarrheals would be enough.


    Basic Toiletries

    It includes shampoo, toothpaste, brush, soap, deodorant, face wash, etc. You may need help finding your toiletries brand in the mountains. So, be smart and pack them.

    Wet wipes and Tissue

    Wet wipes will help you clean your face and body without any water. When there is no water for cleaning, you can use it. Likewise, tissue can use for your runny nose, sweat, and even for toilet purposes.


    A hand sanitizer will keep dirt and gem off your hands. It is handy in the mountains.

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      At Last

      This was the primary but complete Manaslu Trek packing list for you. We have mentioned all the essentials for the trek. You can make specific changes to the list by including and excluding several things.

      Overall, backpack smartly and wisely for Manaslu Trek. If you do that, you will have a wonderful experience in Manaslu Region.


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