Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

Manaslu Trek is a show-stopper, mouth-opener, and soul-satisfying journey. Home to the world’s eighth highest peak, Manaslu Trek is an extraordinary off-the-beaten trekking experience in Nepal. It is no surprise to us that you are interested in doing the trek and looking for Manaslu Trek Map. Compared to Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek is not much advanced. Hence checking Manaslu Trek Map before and during the trek becomes necessary. Otherwise, it can get too confusing. That is why we mind spending some time writing this informational blog.

So in this read, you will learn about Manaslu Trek or Manaslu Circuit Trek’s map. We have mentioned both pictorial and written representations of Manaslu Trek. You will have more ideas about Manaslu Trek by the end of this blog.

manaslu trek map

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Alongside this, you will learn what the days of Manaslu Circuit Trek are like. Although we can never express how beautiful the trek is in words, we have tried. As you read the day-to-day itinerary, you will learn about daily trekking hours, highlights, night stops, and more.

Looking at the map, you will get a clear picture of the whole Manaslu Trek. However, if you read the day-to-day itinerary, you can experience the trek through words. Thus, make sure you see the map and the detailed everyday happenings of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

We wish you all the best for Manaslu Trek.

Major Highlights of Manaslu Trek

  • Impressive displays of ethereal mountains like Manaslu, Kang Guru, Gyaji Kang, Annapurna II, and more.
  • Scrutinize the enchanting vegetation and wildlife along the Manaslu Circuit.
  • Experience the area’s unique, inspiring, and raw culture and traditions.
  • Visit religious monasteries, prayer wheels, mani walls, and Buddhist heritages.
  • Go on a mesmerizing and eventful walk on one of Nepal’s off-the-beaten, peaceful trails.
  • Cross the exciting Larkya La Pass(5,106m), one of Nepal’s best landmarks to trek.

Manaslu Trek Map Route

Manaslu Trek, or Manaslu Circuit Trek, is a thrilling and beautiful trek in Nepal. It is a 19 day long adventure escape that begins and concludes in Kathmandu only. You will do a complete circuit of the ethereal Manaslu Region. The Manaslu Trek route proceeds as below.

The Manaslu Trek starts with a drive away to Soti Khola from Kathmandu. It is a 7-8 hours exciting Himalayan highway ride to the beginning point of the trek. After we reach Soti Khola, the next stop for the walk is Machha Khola, which comes after a 6-7 hour trek.

The route reaches Jagat the next day, walking through the jungle and sides of electric rivers. Likewise, slowly the road will continue to Deng, Namrung, Shya, Samagaon, and Samdo, before Larkya La Pass. All these stops are the connecting stops of the Manaslu Circuit Trek route. We will trek from one stop to another every other day. However, there will be a rest or acclimatization day in Samagaon.

Ultimately, the Manaslu Circuit Trek route will reach Larkya La Pass, the trek’s highest point. When we pinpoint the mountain pass, the journey back to Kathmandu starts. The Manaslu Trek route will proceed via Bimtang, Dharapani, and Syange. These are the last few stops that conclude the entire Manaslu Circuit Trek. In this way, we complete the whole circuit.

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    Day to Day Itinerary of Manaslu Trek

    Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

    You will touch down in Kathmandu at Tribhuvan International Airport. As you land, we will pick you up from the airport. Our team will transfer you to your hotel in Kathmandu. You can take some rest if you need some. Otherwise, we can take you for a short stroll around Kathmandu. We’ll get to know each other better while we stroll. Also, you will get all the pre-trek information as well.

    Day 02: Sightseeing day in Kathmandu

    The following day, we will take a round tour of Kathmandu, a historical town. There is so much to explore in the city. We will visit cultural and historical heritage sites like Pashupatinath Temple, Bouddhanath Stupa, Basantapur Durbar Square, and several others. During this visit, we will see Nepal’s rich architecture, taste local cuisine, and experience Nepal.

    manaslu circuit trek map

    Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola(710m)

    The Manaslu Trek map takes a giant leap when we drive to Soti Khola. In the morning, we will leave Kathmandu by taking a winding highway to the place. It is a panoramic drive of 7-8 hours. We will see how Nepal is outside Kathmandu’s hustle and bustle. At times, we can even catch mountain views as well.

    We will drive on all kinds of roads to reach Sothi Khola. Sometimes the road will be too smooth and sometimes too bumpy. But this all makes the drive an exciting one.

    After arriving in Sothi Khola in the evening, we will have a memorable highway experience with our friends and teams. We will stop in one of the teahouses in Soti Khola.

    Day 04: Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola(900m)

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Machha Khola(900m)

    This is where the essence of the Manaslu Trek map is felt. Now, the journey will be on our mighty and excited feet. We will start the walk after our breakfast. While the day breaks out, we will take a route that continues via paddy fields and scenic vegetation.

    Trekking ahead, we will come across the banks of the Budhi Gandaki River, an electrifying Himalayan river. We will cross the river via a bridge to find the village of Khursani. Several fresh waterfalls will impress us on the way. Then, we will pass through beautiful paddy fields, terraced lands, and rural houses as we reach village areas. Moving further, we will pass via Labubesi, a Gurung village, to finally reach Machha Khola. We will spend the night at the stop that is by a river.

    Day 05: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Jagat(1,410m)

    Now our avenue will turn towards Jagat. Following a local breakfast, we will take the trail via forested terrain. We will also cross several suspension bridges in between. Shortly, our path will begin to climb upwards. Trekking gradually uphill, we will cross a river called Tharo Khola. In this way, we will reach Tatopani.

    After Tatopani, our walk will continue along the sides of the Budhi Gandaki River. Listening to the immense roar of the river, we will climb upwards on a staircase trail to arrive in Dobhan. Then, we will cross a swinging bridge of Yaru Khola to reach Tharo Bharyang. Once again, our path will be confluence with the Budhi Gandaki River. We will walk with the river for some time before climbing uphill to Jagat. Our night will be in a teahouse.

    Day 06: Trek from Jagat to Deng

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Deng(1,804m)

    After breakfast, we will take a path via diverse landscapes and forests. The walk will start with a gentle climb over a rough hill that ends in Salleri. From there, we will descend to Sridibas, and the valley will widen slightly.

    Our exhausting but scenic walk will continue toward the Ghatta Khola River. A beautiful Gurung village will accompany us when we cross a long suspension bridge. We will pass via the houses of the hamlet and the millet field to reach Ekle Bhatti. The path from here is steep as we progress via a gorge area. We have to cross the gorge area and descend to green slope areas.

    Trekking gradually, we will cross the Budhi Ganadaki River several more times. By this time, we will have a wide panoramic valley in front of us. Next, we will cross a bamboo forest to reach the Deng Khola River. When we cross the river, we will be in Deng.

    Day 07: Trek from Deng to Namrung

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Namrung(2,630m)

    After a restful night in Deng, we will begin a culturally happening day of the trek. We will start by crossing the Budhi Gandaki River. Then we will climb up to another bridge to cross the river again. We will join a quaint trail when we cross the river and ascend more.

    The path now passes through dense forests and beautiful villages of the locals. We will explore the places and people from the eyes of travelers. Alongside the villages, we will also have stunning peaks in the backdrop. One of the villages we will cross is Prok, which offers a mesmerizing view of the site. We will stop here for a moment.

    Then we will continue again, and we will meet Budhi Gandaki River yet again. The sound and the water of the river will keep us moving. Also, we will pass along the monasteries and gompas. We will have to take an uphill walk to reach a narrow gorge. The walk will happen via the lush greenery of the Manaslu Conservation Area. Via the forest, we will climb another uphill to reach Namrung village for the night.

    Day 08: Trek from Namrung to Shya

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Shya(3,350m)

    Following breakfast in Namrung, we will take the road like yesterday. Our day will start by seeing the ethereal Ganesh Himal, Himal Chuli, Siring, and others. We have to move up through a forested area. When the climb finishes, we will reach Lihi, a picturesque village with stupas and fields. It will be just the first of the many villages we will pass today.

    Many other Tibetan villages will come along. We will pass through towns like Barcham, Li, and Sho. The entire day will be a cultural walk as we pass from one village to another. We will explore so much about the rural villages, people, their culture, lifestyle, and food.

    We will have many novel experiences about the region when we arrive in Shya. A lovely panoramic mountain show of Himal Chuli, Manaslu, and other peaks will make the evening good. We will have a restful sleep in Shya.

    Day 09: Trek from Shya to Samagaon

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Samagoan(3,530m)

    If you check the Manaslu Trek Map, we will reach Samagaon today to cross the 3,500m mark. As we are taking new heights, we will walk without rushing. We will enjoy a delicious breakfast before we leave Shya village.

    Today the trail will get strenuous as we cross harsh landscapes. But the excellent view of the place will keep us moving. We will pass through a narrow path by being more careful than before. After walking on a rough cliff and canyon, we will come to a vast pasture land. All the walks will be worth it. We will find many traditional houses in front, which is Samagaon. Our night’s stay in the village.

    Day 10: Acclimatization day in Samagaon

    After changing places and hiking upwards regularly for a week, it is time to slow down. We will have a free day in Samagoan, a must-do in Manaslu Trek. It helps us to know the place and acclimatize to manaslu region weather and altitude.

    We will not just remain dormant in Samagaon on this day. There is so much to explore in and out of the village. We can catch people, daily life, and culture in the hamlet. Out of the village, we can explore some nearby Buddhist monasteries. We will have both of these things.

    Manaslu Trek Packing List 1

    Day 11: Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

    Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

    Day’s stop: Samdo(3,875m)

    By descending to the Budhi Gandaki River, we will leave Samagaon in the morning. At first, the hike happens on the sides of the river for a while. Then taking a suspension bridge, we will cross the river. We will now walk via long mani walls while the valley widens. If we look in the north, we will have alluring peaks.

    The place where we are right now in the Manaslu Trek map lies quite near the Tibetan side. Hence, the region will feel like a Tibetan area with Tibetan-influenced people. We will keep on coming to new villages. In between, we will cross forests of birch and juniper as well. This way, we will reach Samdo, a beautiful townlet, for the night.

    Day 12: Acclimatization Day in Samdo

    Like in Samagaon, we’ll plan to rest in Samdo, a scenic village of Manaslu Trek. It is crucial to take a rest here. The impending days will be in higher areas. Thus, an acclimatization day is compulsory.

    We will wander near the village to remain occupied for fantastic mountain views and novel exploration. Mt Manaslu, Kang Guru, Cheo, Simrang, Hiunchuli, Ngadi, etc., can be visible clearly if we leave Samdo for a while. We can also explore the ancient trade road. We will do what suits us on this particular day. Our night will be in Samdo.

    Day 13: Trek from Samdo to Larkya Phedi

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Larkya Phedi(4,460m)

    After breakfast, we will take a road to Larkya Phedi. A seasonal Tibetan market will come along as we walk ahead. We will head down to the Budhi Gandaki River to cross it and start walking upside. As we climb slowly, we will see clear views of Larkya Glacier.

    The walk is steep, but it has good mountain views. We will keep on moving ahead and enjoy the view. Without rushing and enjoying the impressive panorama, we will traverse Salka Khola to reach Larkya Phedi vi, our day’s stop. The spot is also known as Dharamsala.

    Day 14: Trek from Larkya Phedi to Bimthang via Larkya La Pass

    Trek Duration: 7-9 hours

    Day’s stop: Bimthang(3,590m)

    Larkya La Pass’s height: 5,160m

    Today is the longest stretch on Manaslu Trek Map. We will trek to Bimthang after summiting Larkya La Pass(5,160m). After breakfast, we will leave Larkya Phedi in the morning. The walk is steep, rough, and demanding. Hence, we will start the day earlier. Doing that will give us more time to cross Larkya La Pass.

    Several steep hours will see us finally in Larkya La Pass. Upon the top, we will take a long breath and enjoy the majestic peaks on the horizon. It is the highest point we’ll touch on the Manaslu Trek map.

    When we have enough time on the top, we will prepare to descend towards Bimthang. The declining path is slippery and rocky. We have to drop gradually. Around the evening, we will reach Bimthang to have the night’s stay.

    Day 15: Trek from Bimthang to Dharapani

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Dharapani(1,860m)

    Now it is a relaxing walk as we will have comfortable downhills. Our walk will begin by passing through beautiful villages. Then, we will head into the rhododendron and pine forest for a while. In some more hours, we will reach Hampuk village, after which we will gradually climb towards Dudh Khola.

    The walk will continue via forested and landslide areas ahead. Then we will have a downhill track to cross Karcher and Tilije villages. These are large villages on the beautiful hills of the region. Then we will finally cross the Marsyangdi River using a suspension bridge to arrive in Dharapani. Overnight in Dharapani.

    Day 16: Trek from Dharapani to Syange

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Syange(3,875m)

    Our day will begin with a mesmerizing sunrise view. After a warm tea and breakfast, we will leave Dharapani by following the Marsyangdi River. The Manaslu Trek Map is already in Manang of the Annapurna Region. So as we walk ahead, we will explore the region’s diverse landscapes.

    The hike in the valley will bring us to Tal, which is in the foothills of the mountains. Enjoying the good views of the area, we will reach Syange in the evening. A lovely day of trekking via the forest and rugged landscapes will end in Syange.

    Day 17: Drive back to Kathmandu

    Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

    Day’s stop: Samdo(3,875m)

    The walk is finally over. After many days in the beautiful Manaslu Circuit, it is time to return to Kathmandu. We will have breakfast in Syange and bid farewell to it. Then we will hop on a bus/jeep to Kathmandu. The drive will take us through the winding and thrilling roads of Nepal. And by the end of the day, we will reach Kathmandu. This is where we’ll complete the Manaslu Trek Map.

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