Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an exciting trek that takes you through some of the remotest parts in the country. The beautiful trails of this trek pass through challenging and strenuous terrains. Trekkers will pass through pristine natural landmarks like hills, cliffs, passes, waterfalls, rivers, etc.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in April is an incredible adventure in the Himalayan foothills. The month of April is a beautiful time in Spring. Hence, the weather and conditions for trekking is ideal in the region. It is also the month when rhododendrons and other colorful wildflowers cover the hills.

The green vegetation in the area comes to life, with wild animals coming out of their hibernation in April. The trekkers will traverse the serene landscapes of the protected area. Moreover, trekkers will get to observe the serene snowy mountains and other natural vista in all its glory.

manaslu circuit trek in april

Moreover, this trek in the Manaslu Circuit takes you to less traveled virgin landscapes of the country. Trekking in the shade of the gigantic Himalayan peaks is on every avid trekker’s wishlist. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for detailed information on the spectacular Manaslu Circuit Trek in April package and have a great adventure!

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Highlights of the Trip

  • Gorgeous sunrise and sunset views from stunning viewpoints
  • Trekking in the adventurous trails in the remote terrains
  • Incredible views of the silver mountains of the Himalayas
  • Exploring the diverse nature and wildlife of the region
  • Exploring through the colorful trails with many wildflowers like rhododendron
  • Cultural exploration passing through beautiful local settlements, and monasteries
  • Having a taste of the local cuisine in the teahouses

Weather around the Manaslu Circuit in April

The weather in the Manaslu Circuit in April is stable and ideal for trekking. There are moderate temperatures in the daytime, whereas temperatures drop significantly in the night and morning. There are clear blue skies during this time and you are greeted with views of incredible mountains.

There is also low humidity in April, which makes the trek quite fun and less taxing. The temperatures around the region in the daytime are 10-degree Celsius on average. The temperature is below zero degrees in the night and early morning.

Besides that, there is no risk of precipitation as the monsoon clouds are still faraway. Moreover, there is less risk of landslides, avalanches, and other challenges in the trails. The temperatures gradually increase in the month of April. Overall, the perfect weather will allow you to have an excellent time trekking in the region.

samagau manaslu circuit trek

    Difficulty Level of Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

    This incredible high-altitude trek to Manaslu Circuit is quite challenging as it passes through challenging Himalayan terrains. There are tough challenges in this high terrain trek. Altitude sickness is quite a challenge for trekkers. To tackle altitude sickness, you need to acclimatize well in your trekking journey.

    Trekking guides and leaders will help you acclimatize during your trip. There are various points in your itinerary where you can stop for a day to explore around. You can also rest without any strenuous walking and altitude gain. This trekking journey will require you to climb rugged terrains. There are challenging paths that can make it tricky even for the experienced trekkers.

    This outstanding trek also takes you to remote trails where you will not find any fancy accommodations. You will have to stay in local tea houses run by local people. You will get basic warm bed and meal facilities in these, but do not expect high-end facilities. Hence, it is quite a challenge to stay in these accommodations. You will also have to compromise in your meals as transporting ingredients in these high-altitude regions is challenging.

    Unpredictable weather is another aspect of this trek that you should consider. There are weather and climate related challenges in these conditions as well. Even in the Spring season, you can experience unpredictable weather that can change in a few hours. These are the various challenging aspects of these trails in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Check more details on Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty.

    Outline Itinerary – Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

    Day 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu

    Day 2 – Sightseeing in Kathmandu

    Day 3 – Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola

    Day 4 – Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola

    Day 5 – Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat

    Day 6 – Trek from Jagat to Deng

    Day 7 – Trek from Deng to Namrung

    Day 8 – Trek from Namrung to Shya

    Day 9 – Trek from Shya to Samagaon

    Day 10 – Acclimatization Day at Samagaon

    Day 11 – Trek from Samagaon to Samdo

    Day 12 – Acclimatization Day at Samdo

    Day 13 – Trek from Samdo to Larkya Phedi

    Day 14 – Trek from Larkya Phedi to Bimtang via Larkya La Pass

    Day 15 – Trek to Bintang to Dharapani

    Day 16 – Trek from Dharapani to Syange

    Day 17 – Drive Back to Kathmandu

    Day 18 – Free Day at Kathmandu

    Day 19 – Departure from Kathmandu

    Food and Accommodations Facilities in the Trek

    The tea houses along these trails provide you with meals and a warm place to stay during your trek. There are a wide variety of meals in these facilities. But the Nepalese meal of “Dal Bhat” is the most popular and gets served in most of these locations.

    Besides that, you will also get other cuisines, including momo, noodles, thukpa, and others. These cuisines get scarce as you move up along the trail as getting the ingredients is hard to transport in these high trails. Porters or yaks are required to transport goods and food items which increases.

    Accommodations are pretty basic, with trekkers getting to share rooms with facilities like beds, blankets, pillows, and others. However, it is best if you carry sleeping bags along these trails as it gets quite cold throughout. Besides these, you will also get facilities like tea, coffee, garlic soup and other hot drinks.

    There are eggs, bread, porridge, etc for breakfast whereas Dal Bhaat gets served for lunch and dinner. There are toilet facilities, but they are primarily squat style, and you will have to carry toiletries on your own. These facilities are not fancy. Hence, you will need to manage while you trek the Manaslu Circuit Trek in April.

    suspension bridge manaslu circuit trek

    Why Trek Manaslu Circuit in April?

    Beautiful natural vista

    This incredible trail provides you with the spectacular views of snow clad mountains. Besides that, you will also get to observe majestic views of the region’s other natural diversities. These include glacial rivers, icy glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and others.

    Trekkers can explore these landmarks in full glory while trekking in this region. These incredible trails take you to high mountain passes and viewpoints from where you can observe the entire vista. Hence, this is a primary reason why you should take this Manaslu Circuit trek in April.

    Adventurous trails

    The adventurous trails make this trek quite appealing among trekkers. These incredible trails provide you with a full fledged adventure. Trekkers can pass through various challenging courses leading you to your destination. These mountain terrains will make trekkers overwhelmed with their beauty. This makes the Manaslu Circuit trek in April ideal for travelers.

    Safe and comfortable travel

    Friendly and experienced crew members run this outstanding trek. Thus, you will have a safe and comfortable trekking experience. You can travel without any worry as we keep our safety protocols in place. There are various measures of first aid and other emergency services if you need them during this trek. Hence, you will have a great trekking experience overall.

    Cultural exploration

    Trekkers will also have a great time culturally exploring the beautiful region. Various cultural trails in the area will provide you a different artistic outlook of the region. These trails are great for exploring the local settlements and landmarks of the region. These aspects make this trek quite appealing among travelers.

    Things to Consider for Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

    Altitude sickness and Acclimatization

    There are various challenges of trekking in the high-altitude region. These include altitude or acute mountain sickness. These high-altitude regions have less oxygen and air pressure, making it quite challenging for trekkers. Trekkers should acclimatize well in their trekking journey to get the best experience.

    This way you can adapt to the changing conditions in a quick manner. Trekkers will get help from guides and porters to get the perfect acclimatization point. Besides that, you should also hydrate regularly with an ideal amount of drinking water to save you from acute mountain sickness.

    Training regime

    Training regime is another essential part of any trekking regime. There are various training that you must undergo for this high-altitude trek in the Himalayan region. There are multiple challenges in the trail that require you to trek through various challenging terrains. Hence, a proper training regime will help you immensely to tackle these terrains in the region.

    These training regimes should include physical exercise to build stamina, strength, and endurance. It also should consist of cardiovascular exercise to increase your flexibility along these trails. Mental preparation is essential as well to keep you prepared for any situation. Hence, you should complete these training regimes to complete your trek with ease.

    Trekking gears and equipment

    These trekking journeys in the high-altitude region require proper gear and equipment. These trekking gear and equipment will provide you with the necessary safety when it comes to these trails. Various technical sections along these trails require these gears and equipment. These trekking gears include trekking poles, trekking ropes, crampons, etc.

    Trekking guides and porters

    Trekking guides and porters are significant parts of any trekking journey. They will help you with providing the best services through navigation along these trails. These trails require proper guidance as trekkers can get lost or injured.

    Even if you have a minor injury, you will have to evacuate as there are no such health facilities along these trails. Hence, a good guide will help you in these matters and other logistics. Besides, porters will help you as well in carrying luggage along these trails.

    Travel insurance

    Travel insurance is another essential part of any trekking journey. Various terrains can get quite challenging and risky during this trek. Hence, proper travel insurance that covers every aspect of your trekking journey is a must.

    These travel insurance must cover various factors, including medical injuries, accidents, acute mountain sickness, loss, theft, etc. Another aspect is that these trekking insurance packages cover 4000m and above at all times.

    Essential Tips for the Trek

    • Trek early so that you will have extra time in your hand and you can arrive at your destination early
    • Carry extra snacks to satisfy your hunger during the trek and provide you extra energy to complete your trek
    • Trek through a local trekking agency
    • Carry water purification tablets as the water resources in these trials are not that safe for drinking.
    • Book all your logistical facilities and accommodation in advance.
    • Prepare well for the trip and pack only those things that are necessary.
    • Train well for this trek with necessary exercises at least a few months before this trek
    • Hire trekking guides and porters who have a valid license and professional experience in the terrains
    • Get a travel insurance package for the trek
    • Carry proper trekking gear and equipment for the trek. You can also rent them from various shops in Thamel.

    Permits required for Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

    Manaslu Conservation Area Permit

    Manaslu Circuit trek requires trekkers to have this permit to enter the Manaslu Conservation Area. The cost of a Manaslu conservation area permit is NRs. 3,000 for foreign nationals, NRs. 1,000 for SAARC nationals and NRs. 100 for Nepali nationals. The cost is per person per entry for any duration.

    The Manaslu Circuit Permit for children below 10 yrs of age is free. There is no other additional charge other than this for the permits.

    Annapurna Conservation Area Permit

    Annapurna Conservation Area Permit is another requirement for the trek. This is because it gives you access to Dharapani at the start of the trek and Besisahar at the end of the trek. Annapurna Conservation Area permits cost is NRs. 100 for Nepali nationals, NRs. 1000 for SAARC nationals and NRs. 3,000 for foreign nationals. The permit is for per person per entry and is free for children below 10 yrs.

    Manaslu Restricted Area Permit

    The trekkers will also require Manaslu Restricted Area Permit as it passes through the restricted area bordering Tibet. The cost of this permit is USD 75 per person per week, and USD 10 per person per day after week 1. This permit cost is for months between December to August. It increases to USD 100 per person per week, and USD 15 per person per day before week 1 from September to November.

    The trekkers do not require a Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) card permit if you get the restricted area permits in the region.

    manaslu trek route

    Training for Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

    Trekkers must undergo rigorous training to complete this trekking journey in the Himalayan region. There are a large number of activities and exercises you can perform before you start your trekking journey. Different challenging terrains in the area require proper preparation and training.

    The strength of trekkers will get tested along with their endurance along these trails. Hence, adequate stamina is a must when it comes to high-altitude trekking adventures in the region. Some of the training regimes that you should undergo include:

    Physical strength-building exercise:

    Physical exercises help build your strength and stamina are essential to perform before starting your trek. You can also train with weights which help you to gain muscles in different parts of your body. These exercises will keep you fit and increase your stamina. This eases the various challenges along these trails during this Manaslu Circuit Trek in April.

    Cardiovascular exercises:

    There are various cardiovascular exercises that you can perform along these trails. They provide you with the necessary flexibility and endurance for these high-altitude trails. These exercises are essential for this trek as they will keep you flexible, saving you from any cramps or injuries in the harsh terrain.

    Since this is a high-altitude trek, there is less oxygen and air pressure, making it difficult for trekkers. Hence, these exercises are significant in helping you breathe well in these challenging conditions. Some of the forms of these exercises include hiking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and others.

    Mental preparation

    Besides that, trekkers also need to remain prepared for this trek mentally. You need to consider various things for this trek, and mental stability is one of them. This trek has multiple challenges that require you to stay positive during your walk.

    You will also need to remain motivated along with these trails with the help of your guides. There are various practice hikes that you can take to prepare for this trek. You can also take necessary advice from experienced trekkers and search about this trek on the internet.

    Packing list – Manaslu Circuit Trek in April


    • Trekking shirts
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Fleece jackets
    • Trekking pants
    • Trekking boots
    • Woolen gloves
    • Down jacket
    • Woolen cap
    • Thermal wears
    • Trekking socks
    • Raincoat

    First Aid and Toiletries

    • Anti-nauseant medication
    • Rehydration salts
    • Water purifying tablets
    • Soap
    • Shampoo
    • Quick-dry towel
    • Sanitizer
    • Toilet paper
    • Toothpaste
    • Toothbrush
    • Sunscreen


    • Phone
    • Power Banks
    • Solar Charges
    • Extra Batteries
    • Reusable water bottles
    • Local SIM card
    • Camera

    Important documents

    • Passport
    • Travel Insurance
    • Trekking Permits

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Where is the Manaslu Himal located?

      Manaslu Himal is located in the Mansiri Himalaya range, in the Gorkha District, in the Manang-Gandaki Province of western Nepal

      What are the permits required for the Manaslu Circuit Trek in April?

      Trekking permits are essential for this Manaslu Circuit Trek as with other treks in the region. Restricted area permits, Manaslu Conservation Area permit, and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit are required for this trek. However, if you trek with us, we will manage all these treks in advance.

      How difficult or challenging is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

      The trek in the Manaslu Circuit is relatively more difficult than other treks in the region. This is mainly due to high altitude, challenging terrains, and remote landscapes.

      Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek ideal for beginners?

      Manaslu Circuit Trek is ideal for beginners if you trek with packing and preparation. You need to hire a professional guide along these challenging trails.

      Is Altitude sickness a challenge in this trek?

      Yes, altitude sickness is a huge challenge in this trek. The levels of oxygen and air pressure are pretty low in the high-altitude region. Hence, you should acclimatize well to this trek to tackle altitude sickness. Besides that, you should also hydrate along the route.

      Is the Manaslu Circuit trek possible solo?

      Manaslu Circuit is a remote trek that passes through untraversed terrains. Besides that, since you will be traveling through restricted areas, you will have to trek alongside a guide and group of at least two trekkers.

      Why are guides important for this trek?

      The trails of these treks move through rugged terrains that are pretty dangerous. Hence, trekkers can get lost or injured significantly if they are new to the landscape. Therefore, a professional trekking guide will be of immense help to you in these rugged terrains.

      What are the accommodations during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in April?

      Manaslu Circuit Trek has basic facilities for accommodation. These accommodation facilities include Tea houses and lodges. These teahouses include rooms with clean sheets, mattresses, pillows, and blankets.

      What are the food facilities during the Manaslu Circuit Trek in April?

      Food along the trail is generally “Dal Bhaat” for lunch and dinner. Other food facilities include noodles, momo, chowmein, bread, and other hot beverages, including tea, coffee, garlic soup, etc.


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