Destination: Tibet

Destination Tibet

Tibet is the highest plateau in the world and is a wonderful place on earth. It is often referred to as the Roof of the Earth. It is an autonomous province of The Republics of China. The unique and spectacular land formation of Tibet has made it a tourist destination.  Besides the natural vistas, Tibet is also best acknowledged for the pristine traditional and cultural aspects. It has preserved the cultures and traditions in an amazing way. Tibet has developed herself as the land of divine knowledge. The land is full of natural and spiritual environment. Many people want to visit Tibet for their spiritual awakening. Besides that, they feel completely refreshed after listening to the spiritual preaching of Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders.

Tibet is illuminating with undefined beauty of nature and people. Tibet Tour brings you closer to the rich cultural heritage, some of the majestic mountains of the Himalayas, and Himalayan ecology. 

Tibet is the most beautiful place to visit. One can have a close insight of beautiful monasteries, enjoy breathtaking high altitude walks, view the world’s highest mountains, etc on the Tibet tour. Those who have already been there often say, “There is no place on earth like Tibet.” Therefore, it is the first choice of many travel lovers around the world. Tibet is also a centre of Buddhism. Many people come here for pilgrimage too. 

Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition has been operating the Tibet Tour as one of its prominent activities. Tibet lies just across the northern border of Nepal. Most parts of the Himalayas are inhabited by the Tibetan descendants. On that note, there is a great impact on the culture and lifestyles of Nepalese People. If you have a keen interest in destination Tibet, you can see the packages on the page of our website.