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Trekking in Nepal

Newly Opened Trekking Route

Nepal is a naturally beautiful country. It is blessed with tremendous natural assets. Nepal has many unexplored, remote and non-touristic areas. Tourists want to enjoy the real adventure and new destinations are always on demand. So, Nepal Tourism Board has discovered 100 new destinations prior to the commencement of the Visit Nepal 2020.

Through such discovery of new places, travellers will not only have the real adventure but also will contribute to the Tourism industry at large. The newly opened trekking destinations offer you the taste of remoteness, picturesque landscapes, villages, cultures, etc. These destinations will provide you with an exciting, unique and memorable trip in Nepal.  

Nepal, being a mountainous country, holds a unique opportunity and scope of trekking and other related activities. The varied altitude, geography and diverse culture always support incredibly to the growth of the tourism industry. The newly opened trekking destinations also are enchanted with all these features. The newly opened trekking areas boast adventure, diverse culture and natural treasures. They celebrate pristine bio-diversity and lifestyles. Off the beaten trails, remote lifestyle, adventurous trail, less crowded, unexplored regions and panoramic views are some of the features of the newly opened trekking destinations.

The newly opened trekking trails offer wilderness experiences in both natural and cultural aspects. They are perfect for the study of isolated villages and landscapes. Nepal Guide treks and Expedition invites you to experience and explore the newly opened trekking destinations before it gets crowded. Our crew are ready to lead you to the virgin trekking areas. If you are searching for a different trekking package than a traditional classic trekking package in Nepal, please visit newly opened trekking programmes here on our website.