High passes Trek

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a country of mountains, valleys and passes. Passes are outlets (or inlets) from (or to) a valley. They are lower in altitude compared to the surrounding mountains, hence providing people an opportunity to cross past a mountain without climbing it. The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, itself is a valley with its legendary four passes.

There are many valleys in the northern Himalayan Range of Nepal. These valleys have famed passes which have helped trekkers venture deep into the mountains of the country. Some of these passes are situated at an altitude where atmospheric oxygen is very low. These passes are often called ‘high passes’. Trekkers love ‘High Passes Trekking’ in Nepal because it offers them an opportunity to traverse one valley from another and scale the complete landscape of the Nepali mountainside.

Most of these high passes have been used by generations of Nepalese and Tibetans for cross border trading. These passes have not only been instrumental to regional trade but have also helped shape cultural and religious history.

Some of the most popular high passes trekking option in Nepal include Everest High Pass Trek, Everest Three Passes Trek, Ganja La Pass Trek, Tilicho Lake via Thorong La Pass, Dhaulagiri Pass Trek, Mesokanta La Pass Trek, Larkhya La Pass Trek, Cho La Pass Trek etc.

Nepal Guide Trek offers standard and tailored trekking packages to all permitted high passes trekking in Nepal. Our team has years of experience organizing challenging treks for large and small groups in the tough Himalayan terrain.

Trek to high passes are relatively difficult compared to other popular trekking options like Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek, Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek and Lagtang Valley Trek. It is almost impossible to carry out these treks during peak winter (December to February). The area is covered in thick snow and strong blizzard follows you all day and night. Even during the trekking season, you will need to be equipped with all the trek related amenities and have professional porters and guides at disposal to make your tour a success. You will also need some prior trekking experience in the rough mountains to successfully complete most of these trips.

Since high passes trek like Makalu High Pass Trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek and the Larkya La Pass Trek fall in less populated areas with little on-spot facility of supplies, you will need to be fully prepared before embarking on these treks.

The high passes trek are not only about mountains though. The valleys connected by these passes are often full of glaciers, lakes, rivers, wild forests, exotic animals and rare birds. Some valleys are settled by people and these villages take us back in time to the ancient culture and way of life of the Nepali people. Most of the people in the northern belt of Nepal are Buddhists and the region is characterized by monasteries, gompas, prayer walls, sacred flags and pious monks.

The people of the region serve organic local produce as meal to visitors. The food, mixed with local herbs and spices, provide pleasure to your taste buds and is very good for your health too. Add a pollution free physical ordeal up in the mystic clear mountains to it and the health benefits alone makes any of the surreal high passes trek worth the take.