Tailored Photography

Photography Tour is the best activity to have an insight of different cultures, to explore Nepal’s traditional villages and the rural lifestyle, to witness some natural wonders, and to capture these magical vistas and wonderful landscapes in your camera. Tailored photography provides you with an excellent opportunity to discover the wonders of Nepal. 

Nepal is a country blessed with natural beauty and rich cultural history. The mountains, hills, gorges, valleys, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, cultural and religious sites, palaces, forts, etc are the attractions for the photographers in Nepal. Besides that, the biodiversity of Nepal also attracts thousands of photographers every year.

Photography tour in Nepal is truly an amazing trekking package. It is full of adventure and creative learning. This tour brings you closer to the natural and cultural aspects of Nepal. the tour packages organized by Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions includes trekking and hiking experiences with a large range of activities that include sightseeing, sunrise and sunset views, visit the cultural, religious and historical sites, be familiar with Nepalese art, culture and traditions, etc. 

If you are interested in photography, we invite you to join us on any one of the tailored Photography with us. We are ready for making your Photography tour a lifetime experience. If you want any information regarding the tailored photography in Nepal, you can visit our website and pick the itinerary of your choice.