Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour or Heli-Trip has grown as a most popular tourist activity in Nepal. It is an alternative means of adventure journeys in the Himalayas and the remote regions of the country. Likewise, Helicopter Tour in Nepal allows one to enjoy the scenic flight with an eagle eye view over the glorious mountains and valleys with safety measures. The tours included in this category are more suitable for people who have limited time or those who find it difficult to make up and down trekking through high hills and mountains.
Helicopter Tours in Nepal is an excellent opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the Himalayas as a lifetime experience. A helicopter only needs a small landing space allowing the tourists to reach their preferred destinations at any time. Amazing country Nepal is widely popular for its high Himalayan ranges, including top 8 mountains above 8000 meters, as well as more than 500 peaks above 6000 meters. Besides, one can enjoy the stunning views of fascinating landscapes and breathtaking mountains.Helicopter tours thus have become a prime choice for nature and adventure lovers wanting to explore Nepalese Himalayan wonders within a couple of days. Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition has been successfully arranging and executing Helicopter Tours in Nepal for adventure seekers. Most of our helicopter tours are combined with the trekking adventure experience that allows us to explore and understand the region’s flora and fauna, including its people and the significance of their culture and tradition.

Our Helicopter Tours packages offer tours to following destinations:
Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Dolpo Region, Mustang Region