Bhutan Trekking

Tailored Bhutan Trekking

Apart from the listed Bhutan Trekking, we also organize Bhutan Trekking of several other location as per your choice or request.

Bhutan – The land of Thunder Dragon, is largely defined by its untouched wilderness of Himalayan valleys and remote villages that can be reached only by less-beaten footpaths. In order to explore the pristine side of Bhutan there is no other way, one must trek.

Trekking in Bhutan is physically demanding as the walks are long and there exists drastic changes in elevation. Most of the designated treks in Bhutan goes above (3000m – 6000m) with considerate side-hill climbing on steep slopes, vertical cliffs, avalanche tracks and side canyons. It is always possible to encounter snow, especially on the high passes. The trails are often muddy especially in spring and early summer. However, one can enjoy the stunning views of high snow capped mountains when walking through alpine meadows, Rhododendron filled forests, emerald green and sacred valleys with serene crystal lakes. The trek offers an excellent opportunity for exploring a wide variety of flora and fauna in the less visited regions of Bhutan.

Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions has been successfully executing trekking operations throughout the Kingdom of Bhutan. Our treks in Bhutan vary from short 3-4 days walk over relatively low altitudes to over 3 weeks long treks that includes crossing of high passes over 5000m. However, trekking permits are obligatory on all treks. High altitude is a severe problem for trekkers who suffer from high altitude sickness. Thus, proper acclimatization is very essential in higher altitudes. We at Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions take all kinds of precautions for ensuring the safety and comfort of our valued trekkers.

Plan a trip with Nepal Guide Treks & Expeditions and venture into territory that was forbidden for so long… & experience a hidden culture that was almost lost to the world…