Can you do Everest Base Camp Trek without guide?


Can I do Everest Base Camp Solo? Can we do Everest Base Camp Trek without guide? These are the two most frequently asked questions lately. This blog tries to answer the query.

Before you find out the answers, knowing what gave birth to the questions like these is necessary. So let’s find out if you need to know.

Well, It is due to a new revised trekking rule for foreign trekkers in Nepal. According to Nepal Tourism Board, the country’s tourism promotion body, solo trekking has been banned in Nepal from April 1. Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN, and other key tourism bodies of Nepal sat alongside to revise it.

As per the new provision, all trekkers must obtain the services of a licensed trekking guide and obtain a TIMS card through authorized trekking agencies in Nepal.

You must meet these to be allowed to trek in Nepal. This rule applies to Everest Base Camp Trek and all other treks that require a TIMS(Trekkers Information Management) Card.

According to the sources, the new update was needed to reduce adversities like trekkers getting lost on the track, health issues, and natural calamities. Lately, there have been such issues on the trails. Therefore, firstly, it is for the safety of trekkers.

Secondly, the new provision will benefit the local communities by creating employment opportunities. With this new rule, many local guides can enjoy the job benefits. Alongside this, it will discourage unauthorized trekking activities within the country.

So this is the whole scene of how and why it started. Let’s dive into the main question: Can you do Everest Base Camp Trek without a Guide?

Can you do Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide?

Can you do Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide?

No, you can’t. Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide is impossible, at least from last April. As mentioned above, trekking solo in Nepal is banned for safety and security reasons.

Nepal has the world’s most amazing trekking trails, and Everest Base Camp Trek is one of them. However, the weather changes quickly, the trails pass through dense forests, the walk is difficult, and the remote areas lack connectivity. Ultimately, trekkers can get into trouble.

For all these reasons, a guide is/made mandatory. There is nothing bad about having one, right? So if you are coming to Nepal for Everest Base Camp Trek, you should hire a guide compulsorily. You have two options, though.

What are the options?

Can you do Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide?

Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide is not possible. But you have two options. One, you can do a guided trek package with us or any government-registered trekking agency in Nepal. Another, you can hire a licensed guide and porter through us for the trek. It will work too.

Let’s discuss each option in detail so you can decide which to take.

Guided Trek Package

The guided trek package is a well-managed trek program operated by a trekking agency. You can simply check one of the available packages, customize it if necessary, book from them, and enjoy the walk.

The operator will manage the trek in a guided package, from accommodation to transportation. Its package cost covers all the basic expenses of a trek. You also get a licensed guide too. All the basic things are included. Hence, the guided trek package trekkers avoid many hassles and enjoy.

In this case, we run Everest Base Camp Trek packages like Everest Base Camp Trekking 14 Days and Everest Base Camp Short Trek 10 Days. You can find out more about these packages by clicking the links. Or talk to us for more information.

You can do a guided Everest Base Camp Trek package in two ways: a public group or a private group. In the public group joining, you will join trekkers from various parts of the world. You will share the trek, including a guide, with the group by paying the individual package cost.

Or, you can do a private group Everest Base Camp Trek with your close friends. You will be in your group of close ones and do the trek with a guide. Remember, the more people in the group, the lower the group package EBC Trek cost will be. If you wish to get discounts, plan the trek with as many friends as you have.

Here is the list of includes and excludes of a guided Everest Base camp Trek package of our:


  • All the pickup and drop-off from domestic and international airports via private transport.
  • Two nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu, one on the arrival day in the city and another on the return day from Lukla.
  • All the ground transportation arrangements.
  • Well-prepared, nutritious, and healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner throughout the trek.
  • Accommodations in the best teahouses and lodges on the trek.
  • Map, Handbook of the region for detailed information.
  • Trekker’s Information Management Systems Card, Sagarmatha National Park Permit, and other required trekking permits.
  • Round Lukla flights.
  • Licensed, expert, and trained trekking guide and tour leader.
  • Porters to carry luggage and bags( One porter for two trekkers)
  • The salary of a porter and guide to cover their food, accommodation, insurance, and equipment costs.
  • First Aid Kit and medicines for the trek to ensure the instant treatment and safety of the entire team.
  • Welcome and farewell dinner.
  • All the government levied vat, tax, and other charges.
  • Free visa extension and flight booking assistance and guidance.


  • All kinds of personal expenses that are not included above.
  • Employment of any extra crew member who is not part of our team.
  • Food, beverages, and snacks not included above, i.e., except breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Evacuation and Rescue costs, which should be covered by travel insurance.
  • Tips to guides and porters.
  • Donations or financial assistance to any organization and local.

The tour package’s cost will and won’t cover the above-listed costs. If you just like to enjoy the trek and avoid all the arrangement hassles, the guided trekking packages are the best. The expedition lead or guide will look after everything while you will embrace the beauty.

Hiring a licensed guide and a porter

Can you do Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide?

If guided treks do not resonate with you for the Everest Base Camp Trek, you have this option. You can hire a licensed guide and a porter(only if needed) through us and do the trek. No problem if you do not like to do a guided trek package.

You can hire one and do the trek. We have a good team of licensed guides wandering around the Himalayas. You can employ a good guide via us. To hire a guide, you must pay them a salary. As of 2023, the standard salary of a licensed guide is around 30-40 USD per day. It covers the insurance, accommodation, and meal costs of the guide.

While a porter(one for two trekkers) can be employed from Lukla, the per day cost of a porter is 25-35 USD. Like earlier, the salary would include insurance, the daily meal, and accommodation.

Alongside the salary of your porter and guide, you have to pay the expenses of the whole trek. You will spend for ground transportation, round Lukla flight, all meals, and accommodation. Unlike the guided trek package, nothing will be managed by others. It is you who will pay every time.

Nevertheless, being local, your guide will find good places to sleep, eat, and transport. The guide will manage the best things on the trek, and you will pay. In this way, you can accomplish Everest Base Camp with a guide if you only want to hire one and no guided package.

Which one to choose?

Which one to choose? guided or not guided everest base camp trek

Both options have their good and bad. If we would have to suggest, we recommend a guided trek package. We value our valued customers and never recommend bad things.

When you choose a guided trek package, there are multiple benefits. First, you avoid all the hassles of managing things and enjoy a planned trip. The packaged trips are well-organized and timely. Similarly, you can trek with your group or join a new one. It gives you both options.

But if you hire a licensed guide only, you must pay at each stop and buy. Likewise, the trek may not go smoothly. You may or may not get the right service as promised, like in a guided package. In simple words, it will be full of anxiety and troubles. And, instead of cherishing the journey, you will be carried by the hassles of the arrangements.

Thus, we believe a packaged Everest Base Camp Trek is better. It is your choice, after all. So choose what you think will be good for you.

How to hire a guide or a porter?

How to hire a guide or a porter?

You can hire a guide or a porter from a licensed trekking agency in Nepal. Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions, one of the authorized and trusted agencies in the country, can find the right guide for you, and you do not have to sweat or tear.

We have one of the best teams at our place. Our guides are licensed, skilled, well-trained, and understanding. They know how to offer the best service and win customers’ hearts.

You will have a worthwhile trek with our guide and team. Just let us know. We will also manage a trustable porter to carry your load too. All you have to do is to pay them the standard salary, which covers their food, accommodation, and insurance during the expedition.

Things to look for while hiring a guide

Things to look for while hiring a guide

You cannot do Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide. Otherwise, you are not getting permits. As you should hire one, here are things you must eye while hiring a guide or porter. Check these out.


If your guide has a trekking license from the government of Nepal, it will work. Hence, the first thing to consider while hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek is the license. Assure the license is legal. Or hire a guide via a registered trekking agency. They employ only licensed ones.

Experience and skills

License is the prerequisite. However, if your guide lacks trekking experience in the region, that will not turn out well. You may end up having a forgettable trekking experience. They may not lead correctly like an experienced guide. Or do they know your language to communicate? Is he a good communicator? So, look for experience and skills in your guide.

Safety and First Aid Training

How experienced are your trekking guide in safety and first aid training? Everest Base Camp Trek is long. You will cross rugged, steep, and difficult paths. While crossing such, you may get into minor to major troubles. Therefore, check whether your guide can manage that or not.

Testimonials from previous clients

Also, check the testimonials and reviews of the previous clients with the guide you are picking. The reviews will give you an idea about the quality of the service your guide is capable of. You can check the reviews from websites like Tripadvisor.

Converse with the guide.

Before you make it final, talk to your guide. It will provide you with a first impression of the guide. Talk with them about the trek, itinerary, difficulty level, experience, etc. You will build a good connection and know them better. And then you can decide correctly. Moreover, you can agree on the salary, route, and other requirements.

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At Last

Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide is an old statement. You know, solo EBC Trek is not allowed. You must hire a licensed guide to walk on the Everest Base Camp Trek trail.

We must tell you hiring a guide is not that boring. You will enjoy the trek and explore many things with an expert guide. The professional guides know how to make every second special. They provide safety, manage things, and lead you to the right places at the right time. If any wrong happens, they come up with solutions. Now just imagine how would be Everest Base Camp Trek without a guide.

We are an experienced team in Nepal. Thus, we employ a licensed trekking guide for Everest Base Camp Trek. Or you can do a best-selling packaged Everest Base Camp Trek with us. Both ways, you will have the best guide for the trek and the best experience thereon.


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