Annapurna Circuit Trek in October

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to do the Annapurna circuit trek. But the Annapurna circuit trek in October, at the heart of autumn, is the best way to do this trek. October not only coincides with peak trekking season in Nepal but also falls among the festival months of Nepal.

Autumn brings a suitable condition for any type of trekking in Nepal. The dry and temperate weather reduces risks brought by minimizing the possibility of rainfall or snowfall. Doing long circuit treks like the Annapurna circuit trek is always better done in temperate weather. Sweltering hot and winter’s cold make for a very uncomfortable trek.

Moreover, the clear blue skies of the October weather give the best views on the trip. Vistas of Annapurna, Gangapurna, Dhaulagiri, etc., are amply available on this trek. And the October sky makes them more vibrant and beautiful.

October also gives you a chance to explore the rare species of floras and faunas that the Annapurna conservation houses. Birds migrate during this season, and it’d be a wonderful experience to experience those birds on the trip.

Let us explore more about the gifts that the Annapurna circuit trek in October brings.

Annapurna circuit trek in October highlights

  • Get the most ecstatic views of the Annapurna Massif with a clear blue sky.
  • Cross the Thorong La pass without any risks of snowstorms or rainfall.
  • Get a chance to indulge in Nepali festivals like Dashain and Tihar
  • Get familiar with the Tibetan lifestyle.
  • Visit unique hamlets of the region like Dharapani, Koto, Nar Phu, Chame, Pisang, Humde, Barga, Mangtang, Yak Kharka, etc.
  • Observe the Marsyandi River and Kali Gandaki river in the vibrant autumn season.
  • Get a chance to see rare species of autumn and the migration of birds in the region.
  • Take a hot water bath in Jhinu danda’s natural spring in autumn’s chilly weather.
  • Get a chance to meet the trekking community worldwide and share each other’s culture.
  • Immensely beautiful vistas of mountains like Machhapuche, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Gangapurna, etc., after the monsoon rain clears.
  • Get amazing sunrise and sunset vistas with clear blue skies from places like Poon-hill station.
  • Staying over at places like Ghandruk during peak festival season.

Reasons to do the Annapurna circuit trek in October

Favourability of the weather and climate

October lies within the autumn season of the Nothern Hemisphere or Nepal. Such a season is naturally the best time to trek the trails of the Nepalese Himalayas. The vibrant atmosphere of autumn brings out beautiful ranges of color in the landscape’s views. You also get crystal clear skies and very convenient and dry roads.

The great atmosphere in the Annapurna region in October results from the favorable weather and moderate climate. October’s weather allows for a reasonably warm and bright start to the day. The days are not swelteringly hot or cold; the nights are a little chilly but bearable. Such a pattern of the day allows for a very comfortable trek during the day without much hassle. The night’s sleep will be very cozy with the chilly weather outside and you wrapped in a warm blanket.

The temperature of the trek depends upon the altitude you are traveling to. The average temperature you can expect is 15 degree Celsius in the lower regions throughout autumn. The October temperature, in particular in the lower regions, can range from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius during the day. The nighttime temperature might drop to 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Places of higher altitudes, above 4000 meters, might even experience temperatures as low as -1 degrees at night.

To be precise, we can take certain examples of destinations of the trek. Pokhara, the lower altitude of the trek, has an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. The comparatively higher altitude Ghorepani Poonhill region experiences 10 degrees Celsius average temperature. A very high altitude like Thorong La pass might experience a temperature drop to negative.

October’s weather is also favorable due to the lack of rainfall and snowfall. October lies precisely a month post-monsoon end in Nepal. So, the likelihood of rainfall is very less. Similarly, the month precedes the winter months of December, preventing snowstorms and heavy snowfall. The slippery trails caused by rainfall and snowfall are easily avoided. Moreover, the risks of avalanches and snowstorm-related dangers also become less.

Moreover, October’s weather and temperature are stable in most parts. The monsoon and winter weathers are very erratic and unpredictable. But October or the autumn weather is constant and allows for a very convenient trek. The plans you make for the trek will surely not be affected by weather or climate-related regions.

Autumn creates a bright and vibrant environment to show enchanting scenes of natural structures. October’s environment shows mountains, tails, and hamlets in their prime. The peak of the trek at Thorung La Pass will be surreal during October.

October offers the best view because of the woodlands’ sparkling flowers, colorful foliage, clear skies, and great weather. Unlike monsoons and winter, it doesn’t have any foreboding clouds or dreary fog to block the view of the mountains. People would be able to see the beautiful Annapurna even from remote routes and hillsides.

annapurna circuit weather in october

    Festivities of Nepal

    Major festivals all over Nepal fall during winter, mainly during October or November. The well-known festival of Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath make up for a very lively environment in Nepal. The major cities are very quaint as daily works come to a halt during festivals. The settlement regions are full of people enjoying the festival season with families.

    Any region you go to within Nepal will have certain festivities during October. Sparks of Dashain and Tihar are very evident in the hills of Nepal. The plains of Nepal celebrate these festivals as well with Chhath. The upper Himalayan Sherpa settlements also celebrate a festival called Mani Rumde.

    However, the celebrations of Dashain and Tihar are more observed during the Annapurna circuit trek in October. The treks to villages like Ghandruk allow you to see the festivities up close. You can see kids flying kites and swinging tall bamboo swings to commemorate the festival of Dashain. Similarly, the festival of lights, Tihar in high altitude places with views of settlement areas will be awesome. You can see the whole valley light up brightly for the festival.

    A festive environment is a very attractive point for the Annapurna circuit trek in October.

    Meeting the worldwide trekking community.

    October lies among the peak trekking season in Nepal. So it is not uncommon for the Annapurna circuit trek to have a lot of trekkers. You get to meet people from around the world during a trek to the Annapurna region this time. It gives you a great chance to socialize and make friends. The people sharing lodges easily develop friendships by chatting in the communal dining hall.

    Additionally, it enables people of different races, ethnicities, and nationalities to celebrate and express their distinctive identities. People have wholesome dialogues about the history and customs of their home country. It makes up for a very joyous environment. Perhaps you could even find buddies to plan other trekking adventures in the crowd.

    Trekkers also interact with the residents living on the trails of the Annapurna circuit in various hamlets. It is a great way to establish a friendly relationship with the people helping you on the trek. Along with that, people can also learn a lot about the history and culture of the region from the natives. The guides walking with you can also give you an insight into this.

    Access to accommodations

    Tea houses in high-altitude places are typically closed during harsh seasons. But the Annapurna circuit trek in October won’t have such an issue. There is no reason for businesses to shut down during autumn. Moreover, the tea houses and lodges will be booming business-wise. October brings in many trekkers, making the accommodation business more hectic.

    The tea houses get very packed and crowded during the peak trekking season. Nearly all lodging options get completely booked. The tea houses, however, will welcome you with open arms despite the challenges. Even though they may be completely booked, they will make accommodations for you to sleep. They could provide accommodations in the communal dining room floors or put u in a cramped little room.

    Hassles you might face during the Annapurna circuit trek in October

    Altitude sickness

    No matter what month you travel, there is always a risk of altitude sickness on high-altitude trekking. However, these hazards can be somewhat mitigated when you plan your treks adequately. The altitude sickness symptoms come off early with a light headache, dizziness, nausea, etc. They are also referred to as Acute mountain sickness.

    You should not disregard such signs of acute mountain sickness because they could worsen. You might even have to deal with a medical crisis like HACE or HAPE. Such conditions occur due to the formation of extra liquid in the lungs and brain and could be lethal.

    To prevent the likelihood of earlier altitude sickness, you should allot time for acclimatization. Guides can also offer you tips and pointers for dealing with the altitude. Always move at your own pace and keep drinking water to lower danger.

    Also, alcohol and caffeine increase dehydration; dehydration is a major reason for altitude sickness. Hence, avoiding both when trekking and drinking plenty of water is a good idea.

    Crowds along the trails and the cost of trekking

    The large flood of trekkers along the route makes for a quite inconvenient trip. This will not be the one if you enjoy silent and lonely treks. Annapurna trails are filled with so many groups of trekkers it’s almost impossible to be alone this time of the year.

    Such a crowded trekking time also results in price hikes in various trekking expenses. Your travel tickets or airplane flights might be more. The price of lodging, meals, and flights might also increase slightly.

    Teahouses quickly get full. You require a reliable group that can book a bed at a convenient location.

    In addition, the large throng may make the expensive people feel quite uneasy. It’s not for everyone to trek for so many days in a group. The walk might not be very enjoyable due to the loud noise and densely crowded pathways.

    Packed tea houses

    As mentioned earlier, the accommodation, although up and running, will be very crowded. You might have to sleep in a tiny spaced room. There is also an option of sleeping on the floor of the communal dining hall with sleeping bags. You can experience discomfort or not get enough sleep as a result of this. You should schedule these months in advance to prevent such problems. To make the necessary preparations, you must hire a reliable trekking guide. If none of these things are planned, you risk being sleep deprived and worn out the entire journey.

    Ways to overcome hassles of Annapurna circuit trek in October

    Socialize with fellow trekkers.

    You cannot make the crowded routes of October less congested or to your advantage. Rather, it’d be much more beneficial for you to learn to enjoy the company of others.

    Such an ideal hiking season, like October, only occurs once a year. But it also brings in a large crowd. If you dislike being around a lot of people and love being alone, you must learn to adapt. You cannot have the best of both worlds.

    You’ll appreciate it after you get used to it and realize that being surrounded by people from different countries is rather pleasant. It can also be exciting to share knowledge and stories with strangers.

    Make early reservations

    Due to peak seasons, the resources in the trekking trails are very scarce and limited. Although it is a good choice, Trekking this season will be hectic. You might not get flights due to the influx of hikers, and you might also not get a comfortable sleep some days.

    You could avoid this if you make early reservations for the trek. Making reservations before starting the trek or even coming to Nepal would be easier. This way, securing a flight or room to sleep in after a long day’s trek will not be a hassle.

    Choose wise trekking agencies.

    There are several ways you can do trekking around Nepali Himalayas trails. But doing treks with the help of trekking agencies’ packages is a great choice. Trekking agencies are a great medium to help you get comfortable with a foreign country. During a hectic season like October, trekking agencies take care of all your essentials.

    They also will ensure to make your early reservations before you arrive in Nepal. But make sure you choose the agencies wisely as some could scam you.

    Pack your clothes well

    The October weather is stable, but the temperature varies throughout the day. Although the days have bearable sunlight, the mornings and nights can be chilly. You need to carry appropriate clothes to suit all times of the day.

    Carry light cotton clothes comfortable for the day-long hike. You can also carry light scarves, jackets, and cardigans to keep warm in the early morning and at night.

    yak kharka annapurna circuit

    FAQS about the Annapurna circuit trek in October

    Will there be snowfall during the Annapurna circuit trek in October?

    Snowfall is highly likely in the Annapurna region or any Himalayan region of Nepal. The Annapurna region has heavy snowfall, especially in the winter. However, the area is notably dry in October, with no evidence of snowfall.

    Can you do the Annapurna circuit trek in October solo?

    Yes, you can do the Annapurna circuit trek solo in October. The trek isn’t life-threatening, so you wouldn’t be risking much. But it will not be impossible if you’re thinking of making a solo trip for some peace from human interaction.

    Even if you do the trek solo, you will undoubtedly meet some people along the way. But it might be positive as it lessens the risks of becoming stranded. Locals will be there to assist you if you encounter any difficulties.

    Is the Annapurna circuit trek safe during October?

    Annapurna circuit trek is quite safe for treks. But the trails of the Annapurna circuit become harsh and slippery due to rainfalls and snowstorms. Since October has little to no chance of such occurrences, the trek is very safe.

    Do I require a guide for my Annapurna circuit trek in October?

    Whether you want to take a guide with you or not is totally up to you. But if you are thinking about a guide just because you’re afraid of being alone, don’t fret. The trails will have a lot of people, and you will not be alone.

    How much does the Annapurna circuit trek in October cost?

    The cost for the Annapurna circuit trek varies based on itinerary, route, guides, porters, accommodation, etc. The range for the Annapurna circuit trek during October would be USD 1000 to USD 1200

    Final Say

    We at peak climbing Nepal have an excellent package curated for a great adventure for you in the Annapurna circuit in October. We will handle all your discomforts, from booking flights to managing accommodation. The package varies based on the route of the trek, but we provide it to you in a reasonable price range.

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